he cumplido
-I have achieved
Present perfectyoconjugation ofcumplir.


Porque no he cumplido la promesa de escribir cada día.
Because I haven't kept my promise to write every day.
Yo siempre he cumplido mi deber contigo de manera superficial.
I've always done my duty superficially, with you.
No he cumplido mi promesa a Laurel.
I haven't kept my promise to Laurel.
Es claro que a los ojos de mis superiores no he cumplido.
It's clear in the eyes of my superiors, I haven't done that.
Hay muchas promesas que aún no he cumplido.
There are many promises I haven't kept yet.
No he cumplido la promesa que le hice a Laurel.
I haven't kept my promise to Laurel.
Parece que no he cumplido del todo mi objetivo.
It seems like I had not achieved my wish completely.
¿Y siente que no he cumplido con mi parte?
And do you feel that I've not lived up to my end of it?
Al final he cumplido mi promesa. ¿Eh?
I finally kept my promise, eh?
Solo he cumplido las normas vigentes.
I have only abided by the current rules.
Solo he cumplido con mis deberes, Sr. Montgomery.
But I only done what I had to, Mr. Montgomery.
Siempre he cumplido mis promesas, ¿no?
I've always kept my promises, haven't I?
Yo solo he cumplido con mi deber.
I've only done my duty.
En la Vendée Globe tenía unos objetivos que he cumplido casi al 100%.
I had goals on this Vendée Globe, which were almost 100% completed.
Y con eso, ya he cumplido mi parte del trato.
And with that, I've fulfilled my end of the bargain.
Bien, yo ya he cumplido el objetivo de mi visita.
Well... I have fulfilled the goal of my visit.
En todo caso, he cumplido con mi deber advirtiéndoselo.
In any case, I've done my duty by warning you.
Sí, y he cumplido mi promesa a Eric de decir la verdad.
Yes, and I kept my promise to eric to tell the truth.
Yo he cumplido la ley por ti, quien no puede cumplirla.
I fulfilled the law for you who cannot keep it.
Lo que una no ha hecho, Yo lo he cumplido.
That which one has not done, I have done.
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