Possible Results:
has cumplido
-you have achieved
Present perfectconjugation ofcumplir.
has cumplido
-you have achieved
Present perfectvosconjugation ofcumplir.


Aún no has cumplido tu parte del acuerdo.
You haven't completed your end of the agreement yet.
No has cumplido tu parte del trato. Cierto.
You haven't held up your end of the bargain.
¿Nunca has cumplido órdenes que no te gustaran?
Have you never had to take orders you didn't like?
Aún no has cumplido tu propósito.
You have not yet served your purpose.
Todavía no has cumplido tu cometido aquí.
You haven't served your purpose here.
Siempre has cumplido con tu deber de religiosa.
You have always done your duty.
No has cumplido con tu misión principal.
You did not solve the main task.
Dijiste que lo mantendrías alejado de mi niña, no has cumplido tu promesa.
You said you would keep him away from my girl. You didn't keep your promise.
El resto, has dormido, cocinado, limpiado, has cumplido.
The rest of the time is sleeping, eating, cleaning.
Dime, ¿has cumplido mi encargo?
And tell me, did you do what I asked?
¿Dónde has cumplido condena?
Where did you do time?
Dice que le debes montones de dinero, y hasta ahora no has cumplido para nada.
Says you owe him heaps of money, and so far you haven't made good on a single marker.
Tenga cuidado con cualquier persona que declara su amor eterno para usted, especialmente si nunca los has cumplido.
Be wary of anyone who declares their undying love for you, especially if you have never met them.
Y la has cumplido.
You kept your promise.
¿Te sientes mejor ahora que has cumplido tu venganza?
Do you feel better now you have taken your revenge?
Tú deja la mochila ahí, has cumplido con tu deber.
You leave the bag there, you've done your duty.
No importa lo que te hagan, has cumplido tu sentencia.
Doesn't matter what they do, you can't exceed your sentence.
Ahora ya has cumplido con una gran parte del trabajo duro.
Now you've done a lot of the hard work already.
Y has cumplido tu palabra, porque eres justo.
And you have kept your promise, for you are righteous.
No puedo decir que tú has cumplido con la tuya.
I can't say you've lived up to yours.
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