Nunca nos habríamos visto si no trabajáramos juntas.
We would never see each other if we didn't work together.
Quién sabe lo que pasó, pero habríamos visto al tipo.
Who knows what happened, but we'd have seen the guy.
No pudo haber tenido eso porque lo habríamos visto.
He couldn't have had that, because we would have seen him.
Si tu paciente se hubiera ido, lo habríamos visto.
If your patient had left, we would've seen it.
Si hubiera alguien perdido ahí fuera, lo habríamos visto.
If anyone was lost out here, we'd have seen him.
Si hubiéramos sido honestos con nosotros mismos, lo habríamos visto venir.
If we had been honest with ourselves, we'd have seen it coming.
Si obtenías un ascenso, no te habríamos visto nunca.
If you got a promotion, we never would have seen you.
Si hubiera un poblado, lo habríamos visto.
If there was a village, we'd have seen it.
Creo que le habríamos visto si estuviera por aquí.
I think we'd see him if he was around.
Si hay infectados, los habríamos visto.
If there are infected, we would have seen them.
Si hubiera salido del edificio, la habríamos visto.
If she would've left this building, they would've seen her.
Lo habríamos visto pasar por el frente.
We would have seen go out the front.
En el mejor de los casos, no te habríamos visto hoy para nada.
Best-case scenario, we wouldn't have seen you at all today.
Si hubiese alguien más por aquí, le habríamos visto, ¿no?
If anyone else were here, we would have seen them, wouldn't we?
Hiciste que nos lo trabajáramos, o lo habríamos visto venir.
You made us work for it, or we would've seen it coming.
Lo habríamos visto en el abdomen.
We'd have seen it on the abdomen.
Como le dije, lo habríamos visto.
Like I said, we would have seen him.
Si hubiera un monstruo suelto, lo habríamos visto en la tele.
And if there were a monster roaming around, we'd have seen it on the telly.
Lo habríamos visto en el abdomen.
No, we'd have seen it on the abdomen.
Si se hubiera acercado, lo habríamos visto.
If he'd have gone near the dish, we would have seen him.
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