Possible Results:
-you would hit
Conditionalconjugation ofgolpear.
-you would hit
Conditionalvosconjugation ofgolpear.


No golpearías a alguien con anteojos, ¿no es así?
You wouldn't hit someone with glasses on, would you?
Vale, se supone que golpearías eso.
Okay, you're supposed to hit that.
Sabía que tarde o temprano me golpearías.
I knew you were going to punch me sooner or later.
Pensé que me golpearías, pero no lo hiciste.
I thought you'd hit me, but you didn't.
Le dijiste a papá que no me golpearías y ya lo hiciste.
You told Daddy you wouldn't hit me and look at you already.
Y no creí que lo golpearías.
And I didn't think you'd hit him.
¿Por qué golpearías a las personas?
Why would you beat up people?
Pensé que querías decir que tu le golpearías.
I thought you meant you pop.
Te golpearías la cabeza.
You'd actually bump your head.
Quería asegurarse de que no me golpearías antes de informarte.
I wanted to make sure you didn't punch me out before I could tell you.
Eso se debe a que sé que nunca golpearías a alguien sin motivo.
That's because you would never just hit someone.
Yo pensé que tú le golpearías.
I meant you pop.
¿Por qué me golpearías?
Now you're hitting me?
Si te lo dijera otro hombre, probablemente lo golpearías en la mandíbula, pero lo que lo dijo el Maestro, no estás dispuesto a tomar represalias, entonces lloras.
If another man said it you would probably knock his jaw out, but since the master says it you are unwilling to retaliate and you shed tears.
¿Golpearías a Aquel Quien os dio los talentos que ahora tenéis?
Wouldst thou strike Him Who gave thy talent to thee?
¿Golpearías a un hombre por la espalda?
You would strike a man from behind?
Si yo tuviera la llave, me golpearias?
If I had the key, would you whack me?
No golpearias a un tipo con clase, no es así?
You wouldn't hit a guy with a handicap, would you?
No golpearías a un hombre con anteojos, ¿verdad?
You wouldn't hit a man with glasses, would you?
No golpearías a un pastor inocente, ¿verdad?
You wouldn't hit an innocent shepherd, would you?
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