estamos bromeando
-we are joking
Present progressivenosotrosconjugation ofbromear.


Solo estamos bromeando con él, ¿está bien?
We're just messing with him, all right?
Todos los discos serán cancelados --¡cuidado, no estamos bromeando!
ALL drives will be erased—we're not kidding!
En realidad no estamos bromeando en absoluto.
We are actually not kidding at all.
No estamos bromeando, hablamos en serio.
We're not joking, we're serious.
Vamos, solo estamos bromeando.
Come on, we're just teasing.
No, nosotros no estamos bromeando!)
No, we're not kidding!)
Y no estamos bromeando.
And we're not joking.
Venga ya, solo estamos bromeando.
Oh, come on, we're only joking.
Amigo, solo estamos bromeando.
Dude, we're just messing with you.
Escucha, no estamos bromeando.
Look, we're not fooling around here.
Oye, solo estamos bromeando.
Dude, we're just messing with you.
Buscalo en Google. No estamos bromeando.
Google it. We're not kidding.
No estamos bromeando cuando decimos que el examen CISA es uno de los más duros en torno.
We're not kidding when we say the CISA exam is one of the toughest around.
¡No estamos bromeando!
We are not kidding!
No estamos bromeando, Stark.
This isn't a joke, Stark.
Oye, no estamos bromeando.
No, we don't play.
Mi familia, cuando no estamos bromeando, dice que estoy noventa y nueve % correcta respecto a lo que les digo; mis amigos me llaman un ángel.
My family, when we are not joking, say I am ninety-nine percent right with respect to what I tell them; my friends call me an angel.
Las plantillas de Wix también son excelentes para crear tiendas online, tanto si vendes monopatines como telas para tapizar (¡no estamos bromeando, realmente tienen estas plantillas!
Wix's templates are also excellent for an Online Store, whether you're selling skateboards or men's razors (no kidding, they really have templates for those!
Mi familia es chistosa. Siempre estamos bromeando.
My family is funny. We're always joking.
Bueno, yo no puedo creer estamos bromeando como este.
Well, I can't believe we're bantering like this.
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