Pero parece como que siempre estás corriendo a alguna parte.
But it does feel like you're always running off somewhere.
Harry me llamó y me dijo que no estás corriendo.
Harry called me and mentioned that you're not running.
Alice, ¿por qué siempre estás corriendo hacia donde no quieres ir?
Alice, why are you always running off somewhere you don't want to go?
Siempre estás corriendo en la vida.
You're always running in life.
Bueno, si solo estás corriendo — Sí.
Well, if you'd just gone running—Yep.
Solo estás corriendo desde ella.
You're just running from it.
No, tú no estás corriendo.
No, you're not running.
No estás corriendo ahora.
You're not running now.
Siempre estás corriendo un riesgo, porque en Cuba nunca se sabe dónde está el límite.
You're always taking a risk because in Cuba you never know where the line is.
Que no estás corriendo.
That you're not running.
Aquí, no estás corriendo de un lugar a otro tan rápido como tus pies te llevan.
Here, you are not scurrying from one place to another as fast as your feet will carry you.
Aún no te estás corriendo.
You're not coming yet!
¡Vete! ¿En serio me estás corriendo?
You're seriously kicking me out?
Está perfectamente bien descansar a lo largo del camino, sin embargo, no estás corriendo una carrera.
It's okay to be the hare. It is perfectly fine to rest along the way, yet you are not running a race.
Yo se no estas corriendo en mi cubierta.
I know you're not running on my deck.
Trato de ayudar y tú estás corriendo como un maníaco.
I try to help and you're running around like a maniac.
¿No crees que estás corriendo un poco cerca del borde?
Don't you think you're riding it a little close to the edge?
¿Por qué no estás corriendo con los demás?
Why aren't you running around with the others?
Es difícil hacer eso si estás corriendo.
Be hard to do that if you were running.
Nunca digas que estás corriendo, o te detendrán.
Never say you're racing, or they'll bust you for it.
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