-you would understand
The word entenderías is the conditional form of entender in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Tú no entenderías lo que esta guerra realmente significa para mí.
You wouldn't understand... what this war really means to me.
Bueno, quizás hay cosas que no entenderías de mí tampoco.
Well, maybe there are things you wouldn't understand about me, either.
Si pasaras más tiempo con ella, entenderías eso.
If you spent more time with her, you'd understand that.
Lo que Cyrus y yo tenemos... bueno, no lo entenderías.
What Cyrus and I have... well, you wouldn't understand.
No entenderías a aquellos que no viven para ganar dinero.
You couldn't understand those who don't live to earn money.
Si tuvieras una esposa, entenderías por qué es importante.
If you had a wife, you'd know why it matters.
Tal vez si lo hizo, que lo entenderías donde venimos.
Maybe if you did, you'd understand where we're coming from.
Hay mucho sobre mi mundo que no entenderías.
There's so much about my world you don't understand.
Si hubieras visto a Paige con ella, lo entenderías.
If you could've seen Paige with her, you'd understand.
Tú no entenderías que tipo de persona es ella.
You wouldn't understand what type of person she is.
Pero eso no es algo que entenderías, ¿verdad?
But that's not something you would understand, is it?
Pero tú no lo entenderías, porque eres un robot.
But you wouldn't understand that because you're a robot.
Si vieras Ias cosas desde mi punto de vista, entenderías.
If you could see things from my perspective, you'd understand.
Ya sé que no, pero hace 5 años, lo entenderías.
I know you don't, but five years ago, you would've.
Creo que si conocieras a Mandela, lo entenderías mejor.
I think if you met Mandela, you'd understand better.
Lo entenderías si te hubieras quedado y cumplido tu deber.
You would understand that if you had stayed and done your duty.
Si intentaras escuchar a los niños lo entenderías.
If you tried to listen to the boys you'd understand.
Creo que entenderías por qué mi abuela era tan importante para mí.
I think you'd understand why my grandmother was so important to me.
Tu eres joven, no entenderías lo que se siente estar muriendo.
You're young, you don't understand what dying feels like.
Bueno, si tu estuvieras sentado donde yo estoy sentado, lo entenderías.
Well, if you were sitting where I'm sitting, you'd understand.
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