Possible Results:
-you amused
Preteriteconjugation ofdivertir.
-you amused
Preteritevosconjugation ofdivertir.


Solo una noche te divertiste y mira el resultado.
Just one night you had fun and see the result.
La última vez que te divertiste en tu cumpleaños.
The last time you had fun on your birthday.
Alguien puede mirar esto y pensar que te divertiste.
Someone could look at this and think you enjoyed it.
¿Te divertiste en la barbacoa el otro día?
You have fun at the barbecue the other day?
Si te divertiste tanto, ¿por qué no la llamas?
If you had so much fun, why don't you call her?
¿No recuerdas todo lo que te divertiste ahí abajo?
Don't you remember all the fun you had down there?
Y solo porque te divertiste en la última.
Just because you enjoyed yourself in the last one.
¿Cuándo fue la última vez que realmente te divertiste?
When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself?
La pregunta es, ¿te divertiste esta noche?
The question is, did you have fun tonight?
Dile a todos los que conoces... cuánto te divertiste aquí hoy.
Tell everyone you know how much fun you had here today.
Lo importante es si te divertiste o no anoche.
The important thing is whether or not you had fun last night.
¿Te divertiste haciendo lo que sea que hayas hecho?
Did you have fun, doing whatever you had to do?
¿Te divertiste en tu picnic, Andre?
Did you have fun on your picnic, Andre?
Aunque tienes que admitir que te divertiste un poco.
You got to admit, though, you had a little fun.
¿Te divertiste en la fiesta anoche?
Did you have fun at the bachelor party last night?
Parece ser que te divertiste con mis hijos.
Looks like you've been taking good care of my children.
Bueno, hablando de eso, ¿Te divertiste hoy?
Okay, speaking of that, did you have fun today?
Parece que te divertiste mucho en la universidad.
Sounds like you did a Iot of work at college.
¿Y no te divertiste en mi fiesta de cumpleaños la semana pasada?
Oh. So you didn't have fun at my birthday party last week?
¿Te divertiste en la clase de baile?
Did you have fun at the dance class?
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