-we will amuse
Futurenosotrosconjugation ofdivertir.


Te recojo a las 7. Nos divertiremos mucho esta noche.
Pick you up at 7 We have so much fun tonight.
Nos divertiremos ahora que vives aquí.
We'll have fun now that you live here.
Nos divertiremos con bromas y una canción.
We'll have some fun with jests and song.
Confía en mí, Gabrielle nos divertiremos mucho allí abajo.
Trust me, Gabrielle... There's fun to be had down there.
Solamente imagínense todo lo que nos divertiremos en el invierno.
Just imagine all the fun we will have this coming winter!.
Ahora que confía en ti, nos divertiremos.
Now she trusts you. Now we can have some fun.
Creo que nos divertiremos con eso.
So I think we'll have a little fun with that.
Haremos mucho dinero juntos, y nos divertiremos también.
We will make a lot of money together, and we also have fun.
Sé que por lo menos nos divertiremos.
I know at the very least we'll have fun.
Los dos nos divertiremos juntos.
The two of us will have a good time together.
Nos divertiremos mucho y seremos amigas por siempre.
We'll have so much fun and get to be lifelong friends.
Creo que nos divertiremos más sin eso.
I think we´d all enjoy it more without that.
No nos volveremos ricos, pero nos divertiremos.
We won't get rich, but we had fun.
Nos divertiremos mucho en la boda.
We'll have a great time at the wedding.
Nos divertiremos llenándola por ellos.
We'll have fun filling it out for them.
Nos divertiremos mucho en nuestro viaje.
We're gonna have a great time on our trip.
De ahora en más, nos divertiremos mucho.
We'll have a lot of fun from now on.
Y después nos divertiremos más, ¿vale?
And then we have more good time, huh?
Quédate conmigo y nos divertiremos en grande.
Stick with me and we'll have a blast.
Y sabes que nos divertiremos.
And you know we'd have some fun.
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