-they were amusing
The word divertían is the imperfect form of divertir in the third person plural.
See the full divertir conjugation


Los guardias del campo también se divertían con esta forma de entretenimiento.
The camp guards were also amused by this form of entertainment.
Los otros patitos se divertían, riéndose de sus apuros.
The other ducklings were having fun; laughing at him.
Bueno, se divertían mucho en esa oficina trasera.
Well, they had a lot of laughter in that back office.
Era la clase de cosas que le divertían.
Just the sort of thing that amused him.
No sabes cómo se divertían en aquellos tiempos.
They really knew how to party back in those days.
Algunas personas se divertían con mi situación.
Some people made fun of my situation.
Parecía que tú y Harvey se divertían.
It seemed like you and Harvey were having a great time.
Todos los jugadores se divertían mucho.
All of the players were having so much fun.
Me parece que ustedes se divertían juntos.
Sounds like you guys had fun together.
Los niños se divertían jugando.
The children amused themselves by playing games.
Siempre parecía que se divertían más.
They always seemed to have more fun.
Las niñas se divertían jugando.
The girls amused themselves playing games.
Sí, parecía que se divertían.
Yes, they seemed to have fun.
Hacían el trabajo, pero también se divertían mucho.
They got all their Work done, but yet they had dadgum fun.
Al principio todos se divertían.
At first everyone was having fun.
Se divertían unos a otros.
They amused each other and were in turn amused.
Entraban y se divertían.
They just went in, they had a good time.
Iban y venían, y se divertían mucho.
They used to go out, come back, they had a great time.
No se divertían.
They were not amused.
Así que se divertían.
So, you had fun.
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