-I will shoot
The word dispararé is the future form of disparar in the first person singular.
See the full disparar conjugation


Si no, te dispararé en el estómago.
If not, you'll get a bullet in your stomach.
Le dispararé uno en la cara por ti.
I'll give him one in the face just for you.
No te preocupes, le dispararé entre los ojos.
But don't worry, I'll plug him right between the eyes.
Ella quiere que vivas, pero sabes que te dispararé.
She wants you alive, but you know I'll take the shot.
Yo le dispararé una bala a la cabeza.
I'll be the one putting a bullet through his head.
No te muevas niño, ó te dispararé.
Don't move boy, or it'll be the finish of ya.
Pon las manos en alto, o te dispararé.
Put your hands up, or I will let you have it.
Haz lo que te digo y no dispararé.
Do what I say and this won't go off.
Dame el estuche y no dispararé.
Give me the case and I won't have to.
Le dispararé cuando vuelva a la superficie.
I'll get it when it comes back up to the surface.
Si estás mintiendo, te dispararé.
If you're lying, I will put a bullet in you.
¡Y si fallan, les dispararé yo mismo!
And if they miss any of you, I'll do it myself!
Así que apenas te muevas, te dispararé en la espalda.
So you so much as twitch, I will drill you in the back.
No sé, pero si se acerca, dispararé.
I don't know, but if it comes close,
Si te mueves una pulgada... ¡te dispararé en la nuca!
You move one inch or I will put one in the back of your head!
Le dispararé en el estómago.
I think I'll give it to you in the belly.
No te muevas o te dispararé.
Don't move or I'll plug ya.
Si da un paso más, le dispararé.
One more step, and I'm gonna blast you.
No te muevas o te dispararé.
Don't move or I'll shuot you
La próxima vez que usted lo haga le aseguro que no le dispararé al tablero.
Next time you try that I won't aim at the board.
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