-we shoot
The word disparamos is the present form of disparar in the first person plural. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Y cada hora nosotros disparamos flechas en todas las direcciones.
And each hour we send arrows in all directions.
¿Por qué no disparamos una bengala?
Why don't we just send out a flare?
Le disparamos una sonda y le dimos.
We shot a space probe at it and hit it.
Es fantástico. ¿Por qué no disparamos una bengala?
Why don't we just send out a flare?
De hecho, creo que solo le disparamos — tu sabes, pegarle en la pierna.
Actually, I think we only clipped him— you know, hit him in the leg.
Le disparamos en el cuello.
In the neck. We will find him.
Así que no sería divertido mostrarles eso sin mostrar que lo que realmente sucede cuando les disparamos.
So it wouldn't be any fun to show you that without showing you what actually happens when we hit 'em.
Dos matamos a un sujeto... ambos disparamos a la vez, ambos tuvimos responsabilidad.
Well, two of us did this one guy, you know, but that was at the same time, so we both got credit.
Al mantener nuestras enmiendas, no nos disparamos a los pies autolimitando nuestra competitividad por falta de inteligencia estratégica.
Keeping our amendments will stop us from shooting ourselves in the foot by limiting our own competitiveness due to a lack of strategic intelligence.
La verdad es que... no importa lo que hagamos, si disparamos o no... debemos lidiar con las consecuencias.
The truth is... Whoa....no matter what we do, whether we take the shot or not, we have to deal with the consequences.
A ti y a tu familia, pero no puedo hasta que encuentre a los que disparamos.
I just want to leave you and your family alone. But I cannot do that until I find these men that we just shot.
Lo hacemos disparando un láser a la atmósfera, y creemos que si disparamos algunos más podremos corregir el resto.
We do this by shooting a laser up into the atmosphere, and what we think we can do is if we shine a few more that we can correct the rest.
Con el rifle disparamos postas a un cubo.
We shot slugs at a bucket with my rifle.
Si disparamos, es posible que descubran que son de agua.
We can't. If we do that, they may discover these are water pistols.
Ya no le disparamos a la gente.
We don't kneecap people anymore.
Nosotros disparamos a un ciervo.
We hit a deer.
No le disparamos tanto.
No, we didn't hit him enough.
Ambos le disparamos a gente en la cara, ya tenemos tema para la primera cita.
We both shot people in the face, so there's your first-date small talk right there.
¿Le disparamos al blanco?
Should we take the shot?
Esa parte, quiero decir, sé que no disparamos a la gente por la calle, pero lo que digo es que esos mismos estereotipos y prejuicios que alimentan ese tipo de trágicos incidentes están en nosotros.
That part. I mean, I know we're not shooting people down in the street, but I'm saying that the same stereotypes and prejudices that fuel those kinds of tragic incidents are in us.
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