-you emphasize
The word destacas is the present form of destacar in the second person singular.
See the full destacar conjugation


Te destacas en este mundo. No hay excepciones.
You are prominent in this world. There are no exceptions.
Muchos detalles, exactamente el tipo de cosa en la que destacas.
Lots of details, exactly the kind of thing at which you excel.
No te ofendas, pero ni siquiera destacas.
No offense, but you don't even stand out in the pack.
He conocido a un montón de gente, Y tú no destacas particularmente.
I've met a lot of people, And you don't particularly stand out.
¿Qué destacas de tu experiencia durante el Master?
What stands out for you from your experience in the LL.M. program?
Y tú, destacas entre todos de nuevo.
And you, out amongst people again.
¿Qué destacas de la experiencia, tanto profesional como personal, en IE Law School?
What stands out from your experience, both professionally and personally, at IE Law School?
destacas correctamente que la potencia del movimiento es el compromiso de la perfección.
You correctly remarked that the potency of motion is the pledge of perfection.
Así no destacas tanto si te paran.
At least you won't stand out as much if they stop you.
Bueno, de alguna manera te destacas.
Well, you do kind of stand out.
Conozco a mucha gente. Y particularmente no destacas.
I've met a lot of people, And you don't particularly stand out.
Quiero decir, te destacas.
I mean, you stand out.
Te destacas dondequiera que estés.
You stand out in any room you're in.
Pero tu destacas por ti misma, es más de lo que yo puedo decir.
Yeah, but you stood up for yourself, and that's more than I can say.
Tú eres diferente, destacas.
You're different; you stand out.
Tú eres diferente, destacas.
You're different; you stand out.
Ahí es donde destacas.
That's where you excel.
En eso te destacas.
That is what you are good at.
¿Qué destacas de tu experiencia como alumna durante el Máster de Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas?
What stands out from your experience as a student of the Master in Legal Consulting for Businesses?
destacas más que yo.
You stand out more.
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