-they will deport
The word deportarán is the future form of deportar in the third person plural.
See the full deportar conjugation


Por lo menos, los deportarán de vuelta a Rusia.
At the very least, they'll get deported back to Russia.
¡No puedo hablar con la policía o me deportarán!
I can't talk to the cops or they'll send me back!
Pero no te deportarán a menos que me engañes.
But you won't get deported unless you cross me.
Te arrestarán y deportarán y no va a ser lindo.
They'll arrest you and deport you, and it will not be pretty.
Te deportarán de nuestro país.
You'll get deported from our country.
A él lo deportarán, tú estás embarazada.
He's gonna get deported, you're pregnant.
Y si no, me deportarán, sí.
And if I don't, deported. Yes.
¿Cree que los deportarán?
Do you think they'll be deported?
No, Susan, me deportarán.
No, Susan, they'll send me back.
¿Crees que te deportarán?
You think they'll deport you?
Sin tu ayuda lo deportarán.
Without you he will be deported.
No me deportarán, ¿verdad?
I'm not being deported, am I?
Y como no hay prueba de que ha estado en Francia, estará preso 2 semanas y lo deportarán.
And since there is no proof that he has been in France before, that means deportation after two weeks in jail.
Ya han arrestado a sospechosos en Nueva York, Carolina del Norte y Chicago; han arrestado a las víctimas de las redes, que probablemente deportarán.
Federal authorities have already arrested and/or taken into custody people in New York, North Carolina and Chicago--including the victims of these operations, who will most likely end up being deported.
Se solicitará a las empresas de transporte aéreo un compromiso escrito de que deportarán a estas personas a sus países de origen con los pasaportes y documentos que traían.
A contract in writing is concluded with the airlines on which they travelled to take them back to the countries from which they came with the same passports or documents.
Solo nos hicimos amigos, tratando de evitar que deportaran a mi hermano.
I just make friends, trying to stop him from deporting my brother.
Y mi hija no me habla porque hice que deportaran a su prometida.
And my daughter doesn't talk to me because I had her fiancee deported.
Y mi hija no me habla porque hice que deportaran a su prometida.
And my daughter doesn't talk to me because I had her fiancee deported.
Estaba casi contenta de que me deportaran contigo.
I was almost happy to be deported, I loved you so much.
No quería que me deportaran.
I didn't want to get deported.
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