-you disappointed
The word defraudaste is the preterite form of defraudar in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full defraudar conjugation


Y lo que es peor, defraudaste a este documento sagrado.
And even worse, you let down this sacred document.
Confié en ti y me defraudaste.
I trusted you and you completely let me down.
Sea como sea, lo defraudaste.
Be that as it may, you welshed on him.
¿Cómo defraudaste a mis aficionados?
How could you do this to my fans?
Me defraudaste desde el principio.
You played me from the start.
¿No crees que los defraudaste?
Don't you think you've let him down?
No pude... No, no los defraudaste... No, no los defraudaste.
No, you didn't let 'emno, you didn't let 'em down.
Necesitabas mi empatía y compasión, y por encima de todo, necesitabas un médico que estuviera dispuesto a considerar que tal vez no defraudaste al sistema.
You needed my empathy and compassion, and above all else, you needed a doctor who was willing to consider maybe you didn't let the system down.
Te di todo mi amor, y tú me defraudaste.
I gave you all my love, and you let me down.
Defraudaste a tus padres.
You let your parents down.
Defraudaste a David.
You let David down.
Defraudaste mi confianza en la naturaleza humana.
You have dashed my trust in human nature.
Sé que defraudaste a tu marido para obtener ese acuerdo.
I know you defrauded your husband to get that settlement.
Dijo que su padre la amaba, y que tú lo defraudaste.
She said her dad loved her, and you let him down.
Pero tú también me defraudaste a mí.
But you let me down too.
Y tampoco me defraudaste a mí.
And you didn't let me down, either.
¿Qué significa eso, que la defraudaste?
What does this mean, let down?
No defraudaste a nadie.
You didn't let anyone down.
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