-I deduced
The word deduje is the preterite form of deducir in the first person singular.
See the full deducir conjugation


Lo que deduje por la evidencia desde su llegada ayer.
What I've deduced from the evidence since his arrival yesterday.
Él era un francés, como lo deduje por su acento.
He was a Frenchman, as I discovered from his accent.
Pero, oye, ¿sabes qué más deduje?
But, hey, you know what else I figured out?
De esto deduje que el librito había dado en el clavo.
From this I concluded that the pamphlet had hit the mark.
No, probablemente deduje un poco más.
No, I probably deduced a little more.
-Finalmente deduje que hay de malo en mí.
I finally figured out what's wrong with me.
Oye, Lyndsey, a que nunca adivinas que deduje de vos y yo.
Hey, Lyndsey, you'll never guess what we figured out about you and me.
Por los comentarios que hacía deduje que era muy creyente.
For the language that he used I deduced that he was very religious.
No me dicen mucho, eso lo deduje.
They don't tell me much. That's what I could figure out.
No sabía antes de subir al submarino, pero lo deduje.
I didn't before I got on the sub, but I figured it out.
Lo deduje quizá, pero nunca lo dije.
Maybe I inferred it, but I never said it.
Así que me puse a pensar y lo deduje.
So I put two and two together and figured out why.
No lo deduje todavía, y no podré si sigues hablándome.
I haven't figured it out yet, and I won't if you keep talking to me.
¿Sabes lo que nunca deduje?
You know what I could never work out?
No es que lo hayas dicho, lo deduje por mi cuenta con mi inteligencia.
The rest I deduced on my own, with my intelligence.
Yo deduje todo el asunto hacia el final del primer acto.
I had the whole thing figured out by the end of the first act
Eso es lo que yo deduje.
That's the way I translated it.
Nunca lo deduje hasta esta mañana.
I didn't put this together until this morning.
Ángel, creo que lo deduje.
Angel, I think I've figured it out.
Sí, señor, ya lo deduje.
Yes, sir, I gathered that.
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