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Imperfectconjugation ofdar.
Imperfectvosconjugation ofdar.


Luego te dabas cuenta de que era tu propio sudor.
Then you would realize it was your own sweat.
Por qué nunca me dabas la mano para trepar al árbol.
Why you never gave me your hand to climb the tree.
Por un momento, parecía que me dabas una orden.
For a moment, you seemed to be giving me an order.
Te daba ese reloj, y tú me dabas la llave.
I get you that clock, you give me the key.
Sí, se suponía que me lo dabas a mí.
Yeah, you were supposed to give it to me.
Dijiste que me dabas las cartas para jugar.
You said that you gave me cards to play.
Hola, Tom, ¿todavía tienes esos movimientos de cuando dabas karate?
Hey, Tom, you still got the moves from when you taught karate?
Tu papá dijo que me dabas un aventón.
Your dad said you'd give me a lift.
¿Creías que estabas allí para mí, porque me dabas dinero?
Did you think you were there for me, because you gave me money?
De hecho solo quería ver si te dabas cuenta.
Actually, he just wanted to see if you'd figure it out.
¿Cómo es que conseguías comprar todo lo que me dabas?
How did you manage to buy everything you offered me?
Porque les dabas una dosis de realidad.
Because you were giving them a dose of reality.
¿Alguna vez dabas fiestas en casa, Lyle?
Did you ever have any parties at the house, Lyle?
¡Tú dabas un paseo tranquilizador por el parque!
You were taking a nice tranquilized walk in the park!
Era muy culta, pero no te dabas cuenta.
I was always very cultured, but you couldn't see it.
¡Si le dabas algo, entonces pedía más!
If you give her some, then she'll ask for more!
Pensé que se la dabas a todos los tipos.
I figured you give it to all the fellas.
Pero por lo menos nos dabas tiempo libre si terminábamos nuestros deberes.
But at least you gave us free time if we finished our homework.
Dijo que tú le dabas canción a la vida.
He said you get the song in life.
Te dije que lo haría si me dabas suficiente tiempo.
I told you I'd do it if you gave me enough time.
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