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Imperfectconjugation ofcumplir.
Imperfectvosconjugation ofcumplir.


Te sentiste mal, pero solo cumplías órdenes.
You felt bad, but you were just following orders.
Ya le expliqué que solo cumplías con tu trabajo.
I explained to her you were just doing your duty.
Decías que ibas a invitarme a salir, pero no cumplías.
You'd say you were going to ask me out, but wouldn't follow through.
Ya te he advertido lo que pasaría si no cumplías nuestras demandas.
I warned you what would happen if you didn't meet our demands.
Creía que no cumplías hasta el mes que viene.
I thought your due date wasn't till next month.
Dijiste que tú cumplías lo que prometías.
You said you were a man of your word.
Oí que cumplías una condena.
I heard you were doing a stretch.
Solo cumplías con tu deber.
You were only doing your duty.
Estoy segura de que solo cumplías órdenes.
Just following orders, I'm sure.
Si cumplías con tu parte.
It's 10, you do your share.
En la Muralla Kaiu, en Otosan Uchi, en batallas por todo el Imperio cumplías todas mis órdenes sin importar cuanto me detestabas internamente.
On the Kaiu Wall, in Otosan Uchi, in battles across the Empire you fulfilled my every command no matter how much you privately detested me.
Si hace años tenías una computadora de oficina, te sentabas en una silla y cumplías una tarea, ahora te sientas en una silla con un cinturón de seguridad en compañía de una computadora que se está moviendo.
While years back you had an office computer where you sat at a chair and did a task, now you sit in a chair with a seatbelt surrounded by a computer that happens to be moving.
Esa misma congregación se encargaba de adoctrinar a los alumnos con las clases de religión, una hora a la semana, y si te portabas bien y cumplías con tus deberes, te premiaban con un sello en tu cuaderno: un corazón atravesado por una cruz.
That same congregation was in charge of instructing students in religion for one hour a week, and if you were good and completed all your duties, you were awarded a stamp in your notebook: a heart pierced by a cross.
Cumplías tu misión con fervor y también con alegría.
You fulfilled your mission with fervor and with joy.
Cumplías con tus obligaciones.
You were too busy doing your duty.
Cumplías con tu trabajo.
You're just doing your job.
Cumplías con tu deber.
You saw we're doing the right thing.
Cumplías con tu deber.
All in the line of duty.
Cumplías con tu deber.
You did your job.
Creía que cumplías condena, como yo.
I was thinking, you're a prisoner here same as me.
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