Possible Results:
Imperfectyoconjugation ofcuadrar.
Imperfectél/ella/ustedconjugation ofcuadrar.


Y eso no cuadraba con las reglas.
And that didn't square with the rules.
Me parecía que no cuadraba con nuestro tipo de vida.
He didn't seem to me suited to our life.
Su historia no cuadraba, tú misma lo dijiste.
His story wasn't working. You said it yourself.
Solo es que he tenido la sensación de que algo no cuadraba.
I just have this feeling that something's not right.
Me dijo que no cuadraba. Ciertamente, puedo ver por qué.
Yes, she told me it wouldn't balance for her.
Era extraño y nada cuadraba.
It was strange and things didn't add up.
Debería haber sabido que algo no cuadraba.
Should have known something was wrong.
Pero no cuadraba, ¿verdad?
But it didn't quite add up, did it?
Oiga, estuve de acuerdo con usted algo no cuadraba.
Look, at first I agreed with you.
Pero sí... Había algo que no cuadraba.
But the, yeah, there was, something wasn't right.
A mí tampoco me cuadraba, pero lo revisé.
It didn't seem right to me, either, but I checked. That's it.
Sabía que algo no me cuadraba y por fin entendí qué es.
Um, I knew something bothered me, and I finally figured it out.
Sabía que algo no cuadraba.
I knew something was wrong with you.
Algo sobre ti no me cuadraba.
Something was a little off about you.
Simplemente no me cuadraba.
Just didn't sit well with me.
Había algo que no cuadraba.
Something didn't feel right.
Sabía que algo no cuadraba.
Danny: I knew something was off.
Eso no cuadraba con él, así que investigamos el dinero.
Way out of profile for a guy like that. It's our job to be curious, so we traced the money.
Debo decir sinceramente que me lo creí, porque la reconstrucción me cuadraba.
I believed you, it seemed to make sense. So what happened then?
Había algo que no me cuadraba de ella, así que la he investigado un poco.
Because i have to say, you know, Something wasn't quite sitting right with me about her, So i, um, did a little background check on her.
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