-you raised
The word criaste is the preterite form of criar in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full criar conjugation


¡Nunca te disculpaste por la manera en que me criaste!
You've never apologized once for the way you raised me!
Bueno, quizás eso es porque no te criaste con una familia.
Well maybe that's because you didn't grow up around a family.
Me criaste para ser fuerte... y no lo fui.
You raised me to be strong... and I wasn't.
¿Te criaste yendo a este tipo de cosas?
Did you grow up going to these kinds of things?
No me criaste con alguna clase de religión.
You didn't raise me with any kind of religion.
¿Es esa la forma en que criaste a tu hija?
Is that the way you raise your daughter?
Así que te criaste con tu padre, o...
So you were raised by your dad, or...
En muchas formas, hay que afrontarlo, te criaste a ti misma.
In so many ways, let's face it, you raised yourself.
¿Te criaste en un pueblo como este?
Did you grow up in a small town like this?
Me criaste para que fuese dura, y lo soy.
You raised me to be tough, and I am.
¿Iremos a la feria donde te criaste?
Are we going to the fair where you grew up?
Me encontraste tú, y me criaste como tu hijo.
You did, and you raised me as your son.
Te criaste a media hora de aquí.
You grew up like half an hour from here.
¡Me criaste para ser exactamente lo que soy!
You raised me to be exactly as I am!
Oí que te criaste en un convento, ¿o no?
I heard you were raised in a convent, right?
Todo acerca del entorno en el que te criaste.
All about the environment you grow up in.
Mejor no hablemos de cómo me criaste, mamá.
Well, let's not talk about how you raised me, Mom.
Salir del mundo cómodo en el que te criaste.
To get out of that comfortable world you were raised in.
Yo les he dicho que tú lo criaste de pequeño.
I told them you raised him when he was little.
Significa que no te criaste con ellos.
It means you didn't grow up with them.
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