-I transmitted
The word contagiara is the imperfect subjunctive form of contagiar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full contagiar conjugation


¿Y si uno de nosotros se contagiara?
What if one of us were to get infected?
No querría que se le contagiara el resfriado de Mike.
I wouldn't want him to catch Mike's cold.
Pero no quiero pensar que te lo contagiara.
But I didn't want to believe that I gave it to her.
No quería que nadie se contagiara.
He didn't want anyone here to catch it.
No sabía que contagiara tanta alegría.
I had no idea I could spread this much joy.
Puede que se contagiara así.
It may be that the virus was transferred in that way.
Como si eso se contagiara.
It was like a contagion.
Así que no nos quedemos con la conclusión más simple, que yo le contagiara mis piojos.
So let's not jump to the simplest conclusion that she got her lice from me.
Usted no contagiará después de alrededor de 24 horas de tratamiento.
You won't be contagious after about 24 hours of treatment.
Si nos acercamos a él, ¿nos contagiará también?
If we get close to him, aren't we gonna be infected too?
No se acerque demasiado, se contagiará mi resfrío.
Don't get too close, you'll get my cold.
Si va, le contagiará esto a ella.
If you do, you'll give this to her.
Sé que te contagiará el espíritu navideño.
I know what will get you in the Christmas spirit.
Su tristeza contagiará a los otros.
Her sadness will spread to the other animals.
Usted no se contagiará nada aquí dentro.
You're not gonna catch anything in here.
Contagiará a todo el equipo.
She'll give it to the whole club.
Nos contagiará a todos.
She'll infect us all.
Te contagiará el resfriado.
You could get that cold.
Usted, usted, usted se contagiará.
You'll, you'll, you'll catch it.
Nos contagiará el espíritu de ellos y a menos que los dejemos, quedaremos al fin vinculados con ellos, para compartir su condenación.
We shall catch the spirit, and unless we separate from them, we shall be bound up with them at last, to share their doom.
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