-we will chat
The word charlaremos is the future form of charlar in the first person plural.
See the full charlar conjugation


Todo el camino escucharemos música y charlaremos.
The whole way we'll listen to music and gab.
Ven a sentarte y charlaremos un poco.
Have a sit and we'll chat for a while.
Así veremos las fotos y charlaremos un poco.
We'll look at the pictures and talk about her.
Vamos, iremos en el tanque, nos tomaremos un trago, charlaremos.
That's it, Sarge. Come on. We'll go in the tank.
Pasaré por la panadería y charlaremos.
I'll come by the bakery and we'll talk.
Venga conmigo, Profesor, charlaremos sin ser molestados.
Come with me, Professor, let's have a quiet chat.
Tomaremos un té y charlaremos.
We'll have a cup of tea and we'll talk.
Tomaremos un café y charlaremos.
We'll have some coffee and we'll talk about this.
Mañana, cuando haya descansado, tú y yo charlaremos un rato.
Tomorrow, after you've had a good rest, you and me will have our talk.
Tomaremos algo de té y charlaremos un rato.
We'll have a cup of tea and then we'll have a chat.
Ven al techo... y charlaremos, ¿sí?
Just come on in and we'll talk about it, all right?
Ya nos veremos, chico, y charlaremos un poco más.
See you again, boy, and we'll talk some more. Hey, this is good.
Sí, beberemos y charlaremos, ¿eh?
Yeah, we go and we talk, huh?
Está bien, charlaremos más tarde.
All right, I'll catch up with you later.
No, charlaremos más tarde.
No, we'll chitchat about it later.
Ven a cenar y charlaremos. De acuerdo.
Come for supper and we'll talk.
Cenaremos, con una botella de vino, y charlaremos de política. ¡Oh!
We'll have a meal...a bottle of wine... ..and talk politics.
Pasaré por la biblioteca más tarde, charlaremos un rato y ya veremos...
I'll drop by the library later...we'll gossip for a bit and I'll see if something happens.
Vamos, charlaremos de ello.
On the way, we will chat.
Así que, cuando averigües en qué crees dímelo y charlaremos, ¿de acuerdo?
So when you can figure out what it is you believe in, let me know and we'll talk.
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