-we would marry
Conditionalnosotrosconjugation ofcasar.


Se suponía que nos casaríamos en primavera en San Francisco.
It was to be married spring in San Francisco.
Mira, si tuviésemos un niño, nos casaríamos de inmediato.
Look, if we had a baby, we'd get married at once.
No teníamos derecho a decidir con quién nos casaríamos.
We had no right to decide who we married.
¿Que nos casaríamos y sería para toda la vida?
That we would marry and be together for our whole life?
Así que eso significa, que nos casaríamos, como ¿mañana?
So that means, that we'd be married, like, tomorrow?
¿No me prometiste que nos casaríamos juntos?
Didn't you promise me that we'd get married together?
Tenía su palabra de que nos casaríamos.
I had their word that we would be married.
Dijiste que nos casaríamos y tendríamos hijos.
You said we'd get married and have children.
No pensé que nos casaríamos ni nada.
I didn't think we were gonna get married or anything.
Si fuera una película francesa, nos enamoraríamos y casaríamos.
If this were a French movie, we'd fall in love and get married.
Se suponía que nos casaríamos el próximo mes.
We're supposed to get married next month.
Se suponía que nos casaríamos en octubre.
We were supposed to be married in october.
¿Tú y yo nos casaríamos y viviríamos felices?
You and I would get married and live happily ever after?
Lo que significaría que nos casaríamos ahora mismo.
Which would mean, we were getting married right away.
Si te dijera que sí, ¿nos casaríamos?
If I say yes, will we get married?
¡Le dije a mis padres que nos casaríamos!
I told my parents we were getting married!
Me dijo que nos casaríamos a su vuelta.
He said we'd be married when he came back.
¿Cree que nos casaríamos así si fuera completamente normal?
Do you think we'd be marrying her this way if she were perfectly normal?
Nos casaríamos tan pronto como pudiéramos.
We'd have married as soon as we could.
Dábamos por hecho que nos casaríamos algún día.
It was sort of taken for granted we'd be married someday.
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