Possible Results:
-I would marry
Conditionalyoconjugation ofcasar.
Conditionalél/ella/ustedconjugation ofcasar.


Me casaría contigo en Las Vegas mañana si quieres.
I will marry you in Vegas tomorrow if you want.
Ted dijo Doris se casaría con ella después de la guerra.
Ted told Doris he would marry her after the war.
Me pregunto qué tipo de mujer se casaría con Operaciones.
I wonder what kind of woman would be married to Operations.
Ella pensó que él la casaría debido a su belleza.
She thought that he would marry her because of her beauty.
Dije que me casaría con él y tendría sus hijos.
I said I would marry him and have his children.
Dijo que nos casaría. Incluso con el bebé y todo.
He said he would marry us... even with the baby and all.
Si las cosas fueran diferentes, probablemente me casaría contigo.
If things were different, I would probably be marrying you.
Si fueras el último hombre sobre la Tierra, me casaría contigo.
If you were the last man on earth, I would marry you.
Nadie en su sano juicio se casaría con Rennet.
No one in their right mind would marry Rennet.
Aquí no es exactamente donde imaginé que Ted se casaría.
This isn't exactly where I pictured Ted getting married.
Me casaría contigo ahora si no fuera ya tu mujer.
I would marry you now if I wasn't already your wife.
Si no fuera por Lily, me casaría con ella.
If it wasn't for Lily, I'd marry her.
Sin embargo, se suponía que se casaría y tendría hijos.
It was assumed, however, that he would marry and have children.
Solo he dicho con palabras que me casaría con él.
I only said with words that I'd marry him.
Me casaría contigo en el baño de una letrina.
I'd marry you in the bathroom at the chieftain.
Me casaría con un chimpancé si tuviera dinero.
I'd marry a chimpanzee if he had money.
¿Crees que me casaría con él si no lo hiciera?
You think I'd marry him if he didn't?
Me casaría contigo si fueses libre, pero no lo eres.
I would marry you if was free, but you are not it.
Se suponía que me casaría hace cuatro meses.
We were supposed to be married four months ago.
Dije que me casaría contigo, pero eso es todo.
I said I'd marry you, but that's all.
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