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Imperfectconjugation ofcasar.
Imperfectvosconjugation ofcasar.


Dijiste que te casabas con ella porque había aprendido a leer.
You said you'd marry her because she'd learnt to read.
Y no te casabas por amor entonces, tampoco.
And you didn't marry for love back then, either.
Cuando tenía tu edad, te casabas y tenías una familia.
When I was your age, you got married and you had a family.
Sí, quería saber cuando te casabas.
Yes, he wanted to know when you were getting married.
Por eso te casabas con John, por el bebé.
That's why you were gonna marry John, because of the baby.
No hablamos desde que me dijiste que te casabas.
We haven't talked since you called to say you were getting married.
Te casabas conmigo por mi apellido y mi posición social.
You were marrying for my social position.
Le dije por qué te casabas.
I told him why you were marrying him.
Por eso no le he dicho a nadie que te casabas.
I didn't tell anyone you were getting married for this reason. Good.
Sabías que te casabas con un artista.
Did you know that I am an artist.
No sabía que te casabas.
I didn't even know you were getting married.
Sabía que te casabas.
I knew you were going to get married.
Soñé que te casabas.
I dreamed you were getting married.
Escuché que te casabas.
I heard you were getting married.
Oí que te casabas.
I hear you're getting married.
Cosmo, hace muchos años, cuando me dijeron que te casabas con mi hermana me alegré.
Many years ago, when they told me... you were marrying my sister... I was happy.
Cosmo, hace muchos años, cuando me dijeron que te casabas con mi hermana me alegré.
Cosmo, many years ago, when they told me you were marrying my sister, I was happy.
Deberías haberle dicho a tu amigo y abogado que te casabas con Sandra.
Say, you could've told a friend, who's your lawyer, that you intended to marry Sandra.
Nunca hubieras podido saber lo mucho que lo amas si no te casabas con él.
You couldn't have known how much you loved him when you first married him.
Pero pocas fueron las que consiguieron mantener su éxito durante mucho tiempo, y a veces parecía que solo podías conseguirlo si te casabas con alguien del grupo.
Too few who made it over the long haul, it sometimes seemed as if you could only do it by being married to a band mate.
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