-I heated
The word calenté is the preterite form of calentar in the first person singular.
See the full calentar conjugation


Las tiré en una sartén y las calenté.
I threw them in a pan and heated them up.
Y dices eso porque ya te calenté, ¿cierto?
And you say that because now I've turned you on, right?
Yo calenté el agua para tu auto y te freí la tortilla.
I was heating water for your car, I was frying eggs.
Solo me calenté un poco, ¿está bien?
I just got a little heated, okay?
El sake que calenté entra.
The sake which I heated enters.
Me calenté un poco.
I kind of got warmed up a little.
Me calenté en la entrada.
I'd warm myself in the entrance.
No, está en el microondas. La calenté tres veces, seguramente está dura como una roca.
Heated it up three times, it's probably hard as a rock.
Yo me calenté, pero no quería hacerle tanto daño.
I kind of lost it, but I didn't mean to hurt him. Not bad.
Las calenté para ti.
I've warmed them for you.
Ya te la calenté.
I warmed it up for you.
Antes de su primera comunión, calenté el agua y me bañé con ella.
Before going to Communion I took her in my arms and washed her.
Le calenté un poco.
I warmed to him.
No me calenté antes de correr y ahora me duele la pantorrilla.
I didn't warm up before running, and now my calf hurts.
La salsa me salió grumosa porque la calenté demasiado rápido y sin revolver.
The sauce turned out lumpy because I heated it too quickly without stirring.
Calenté la comida y ya está fría.
The food's been heated and is already cool.
Calenté la comida para ti.
I've kept dinner warm for you.
Calenté la fórmula y no funcionó.
What did you say? I heated the formula. It didn't do any good.
Calenté la taza de café en el horno de microondas.
I heated the cup of coffee in the microwave.
Calenté mi café rápidamente en el microondas.
I quickly heated up my coffee in the microwave.
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