-you joke
The word bromeas is the present form of bromear in the second person singular.
See the full bromear conjugation


Figgis, por favor, por tu propio bien, dime que bromeas.
Please, Figgis, for your sake, tell me you're joking.
Si, tu bromeas, pero fue muy traumático, ¿vale?
Yeah you joke, but it was very traumatic, okay?
Nunca sé cuándo bromeas o cuándo hablas en serio.
I never know when you're playing games or being serious.
¿Entonces bromeas y no haces nada?
So you just make a joke and do nothing?
Ahora bromeas, pero sé que siempre has sentido un vacío en tu vida.
Now, you joke, but I know you've always felt a void in your life.
¿Por qué repentinamente bromeas con eso?
Why are you suddenly joking around like this?
Yo soy el que no puede saber si bromeas.
I can't tell if you're joking.
¿Lo dices en serio o bromeas?
Are you being serious now or are you joking?
Veo que bromeas y te ríes con ella siempre.
I see where you be laughing and joking with her all the time.
Vamos, tu siempre bromeas conmigo.
Come on, you're always messing with me.
¿Por qué bromeas con esto?
Why are you joking about this?
Por favor, bromeas todo el tiempo.
Come on. You joke all the time.
Por favor, dime que bromeas.
Please tell me that you're joking.
No entiendo por qué bromeas con eso.
I don't know why you'd joke about a thing like that.
Ella no sabe que bromeas.
She doesn't know you're joking.
No bromeas con en trabajo.
You don't joke around at work.
Tú no bromeas sobre nada.
You wouldn't joke about anything.
Si bromeas, se acabó.
If you joke, this is over.
No sé por qué bromeas.
I don't know why you playing.
No, no, no, no, bromeas conmigo.
No, no, no, no, you play around with me.
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