-we joke
The word bromeamos is the present form of bromear in the first person plural. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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La primera vez que bromeamos fue en mi escritorio.
I mean, first time we joked around was at my desk.
Solo bromeamos en la oficina y eso.
We just joke around in the office and stuff.
La primera vez que pasó, bromeamos al respecto.
The first time it happened, we made a joke of it.
Nunca bromeamos con este tipo de cosas.
We never joke about this kind of thing.
Hay ciertas cosas con las que no bromeamos.
There are some things we don't joke about.
, Steven y yo bromeamos el uno con el otro.
You know, Steven and I tease each other.
No era falso. Joe y yo bromeamos todo el tiempo.
Joe and I joke around all the time.
Tú sabes que siempre bromeamos aquí.
You know how we clown around here.
El tema de hoy es el racismo, así que bromeamos solo con eso.
Today's theme is racism, and that's what we're messing around with.
¿Crees que bromeamos aquí?
Do you think we're gonna banter here?
Todos sabéis que bromeamos, ¿verdad?
You all know we're joking with you, right?
Le hice saber que no bromeamos.
I let him know we're not messing around.
Me doy una vuelta con el, nos reimos, bromeamos, fin de la historia.
I'm going out with him, having a laugh, end of story.
Ahora incluso bromeamos al respecto.
We even joke about it now.
No somos groseros, bromeamos.
We're not rude. We're just joking.
No bromeamos al respecto.
We won't joke about this.
Y así bromeamos siempre.
That's what we always joke.
Howard, todos bromeamos, incluido tú, sobre todos los del bufete. Tomaré eso como un sí.
Howard, we all make jokes, including you, about everyone at the firm. I'll take that as a yes.
El ponente y yo bromeamos a menudo sobre lo poco que divergimos en cuestiones de comercio internacional.
The rapporteur and I often joke that we find very little to disagree on when it comes to international trade issues.
El criógeno que refrigeraba sus sensores no funciona desde hace tiempo, bromeamos diciendo que su aire acondicionado no sirve.
The cryogen that used to refrigerate its sensors is long gone, so we joke that its air-conditioning is broken.
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