-I was joking
The word bromeaba is the imperfect form of bromear in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Solo bromeaba, pero podemos abrir un salón de belleza juntos.
Just riffing, but we could open a hair salon together.
Jugaban a las cartas y mi marido bromeaba con sus amigos.
They were playing cards. My husband was playing with friends.
No te preocupes, ángel mío, el tío Kenny solo bromeaba.
Don't worry, angel. Uncle Kenny was just having a little fun.
El Sr. Canton bromeaba con esa respuesta.
Mr. Canton was joking with that answer.
Solo bromeaba, no tienes que sentirte mal.
I was just joking. You don't have to feel bad
Cada vez que bromeaba, me reía de él
Every time he joked, I laughed at him.
El equipo bromeaba con el chico.
The crew was joking with the boy.
Ahora no te pongas nervioso, solo bromeaba.
Now don't get excited, I was only joking.
Yo solo bromeaba con el Dr. Dorian.
I was just messing with Dr. Dorian over there.
Profesor, solo bromeaba, repetía lo que escuché.
Professor, I was only joking, just repeating what I heard.
Yo siempre bromeaba que ahí era donde él guardaba todos sus secretos.
I always teased him that that's where he kept all his secrets.
No, Sr. Dorfmann, ya sé que no bromeaba.
No, Mr. Dorfmann, that I didn't think.
No bromeaba con ninguna de ellas.
I didn't joke with any of them.
Solo bromeaba con él, sabe.
Just messing with him, you know.
No, Sr. Dorfmann, ya sé que no bromeaba.
No, Mr. Dorfmann. That I didn't think.
Curtis, y estoy bastante segura que bromeaba.
And I'm pretty sure he was joking.
Solamente queria que él supiera que no bromeaba.
I just wanted him to know I wasn't fooling.
Yo sabía que él solo bromeaba.
I knew he was only joking.
Solo bromeaba, pero no en realidad.
Kind ofjoking, but not really.
Cuando iba a la tienda de abarrotes, él bromeaba que comía mucho.
When she went to the grocery store, he would tease her that she ate too much.
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