-we were joking
The word bromeábamos is the imperfect form of bromear in the first person plural.
See the full bromear conjugation


Aún bromeábamos en los pasillos, pero eso era todo.
We were still friendly in the halls, but that's it.
Siempre bromeábamos con ganar el Premio Nobel juntas.
We always joked about winning the Nobel Prize together.
Si solo bromeábamos, ¿nos lo habrías dicho?
If we weren't joking, would you have told us?
Solo bromeábamos. ¡No es una broma!
Oh, we were only joking... It's not a joke!
Solo estábamos... solo bromeábamos, ¿no?
We were just... we were just messing around, weren't we?
Venga, solo bromeábamos, tío.
Come on, we were only joking, man.
Hey, hombre, solo bromeábamos.
Hey, man, we're just joking.
Todos saben que bromeábamos, ¿no?
Y'all know we're just joking, right?
Uy, no, no bromeábamos.
Oh, no, we weren't joking.
Mientras estaba muriendo, bromeábamos diciendo que finalmente tenías ese poder que tanto querías, porque...
While she was dying, we joked that you finally got that power you always wanted, because...
Y en la comida del día anterior bromeábamos porque nos habían abierto a navajazos una cruz en la ventana del carro de la parroquia.
And during the previous day's meal we had joked that they'd scratched a cross on the window of the parish car with a jackknife.
Bromeábamos sobre casarnos en nuestra primera cita.
We joked about getting married on our first date.
Bromeábamos constantemente, especialmente mis dos hermanos mayores.
I was constantly being teased by everybody, especially my two older siblings.
Bromeábamos porque su letra era demasiado buena para ser de un médico.
We had a joke that his handwriting was too good for a doctor.
Bromeábamos con eso, ¿A qué se refiere?
Well, we joked about that. What do you mean?
Y ahora, Señorías, no se puede decir: »Bromeábamos».
And now, ladies and gentlemen, we cannot say: we were only joking!
No hay por qué enfadarse, solo bromeábamos un poco.
Why are you humiliating me? I was only having a joke.
Solo bromeábamos. Queremos divertirnos contigo.
We're just joking around.
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