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Conditionalconjugation ofbajar.
Conditionalvosconjugation ofbajar.


No se supone que te bajarías en Chico.
You weren't supposed to get off at Chico.
Disculpa, Quentin, ¿bajarías el volumen?
Excuse me, Quentin, can we get the volume down?
Ah, sí, que bajarías la luz.
Oh, yeah, you'd turn the lamp down low.
Sabía que no bajarías, así que...
I knew you wouldn't come down, so...
¿La bajarías por mí?
Will you put it down for me?
Sabía que bajarías tú.
I just knew it would be you.
No pensé que bajarías.
I didn't think you'd come down.
Dijiste que bajarías y harías algo al respecto. ¿Por qué aún no te has ocupado de ello?
Then..you said you'll go down and do something about it, but why has it not been resolved yet?
¿Me bajarías ese libro de la estantería?
Would you take that book down from the shelf for me?
Bajarías del contador, ¿por favor?
Would you get off the counter, please?
¿Bajarías las persianas? Voy a echarme a dormir un rato.
Will you put the blinds down? I'm going to take a nap for a bit.
¡Lib, dijiste que no te bajarías del coche!
Oh Lib, you said you wouldn't get out of the car.
¿No le bajarías los dientes al tipo que le estafo miles a tu esposa por un coche?
Would you not kick the guy in the teeth that overcharged your wife on a car?
No alcanzo la harina. ¿Me la bajarías?
I can't reach the flour. Would you get that down for me?
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