-we will dance
The word bailaremos is the future form of bailar in the first person plural.
See the full bailar conjugation


Voy a arreglar las cosas con Marcel, y luego bailaremos.
I'm gonna go settle things with Marcel, and then we'll dance.
Y bailaremos juntos por primera vez.
And we'll dance together for the first time.
Ahora bailaremos, y sí, será un baile lento.
Now we shall dance, and yes, it will be a slow jam.
No bailaremos el cancán durante una temporada, si le preocupa.
We won't do the cancan for a while, if that's what's worrying you.
Entonces en el gimnasio universitario mañana a las nueve y bailaremos.
Meet me at the university gymnasium tomorrow morning at 9:00 and we'll dance.
Diles que cantaremos y bailaremos como en antaño.
Tell them we're going to sing and dance like we used to.
Cantaremos y bailaremos todo el día.
We'll sing and dance all day.
Si no bailaremos aquí toda la noche.
Or we'll dance here all night.
Cariño, si no quieres bailar, no bailaremos.
Honey, if you don't want to dance, we don't have to dance.
Serán un montón de mis amigos, tomaremos cervezas, bailaremos un poco.
It'll be a bunch of my friends. We'll have some beer, a little dancing.
Y ella y yo bailaremos en tu tumba!
And she and I will dance on your grave!
Nosotros bailaremos en su tumba.
We'll dance on his grave.
Iremos al club y bailaremos.
We go to the club, we'll dance.
Así que... esta noche, solo bailaremos.
So...tonight, we just dance.
Ahora, haremos nuestro día de campo y bailaremos.
Now we're going to have our picnic, and we're going to dance.
Vamos a seguir haciendo lo que estamos haciendo, y bailaremos sobre sus cenizas.
We're gonna keep doing what we're doing, and we're gonna dance on their ashes.
No bailaremos si no quieres.
We won't if you don't want to.
Es su amigo, bailaremos alrededor de el un tiempo.
We've been dancing around it as long as we can.
¿Crees que bailaremos hoy?
Do you think you're dancing today?
¿No bailaremos esta noche?
So are we not dancing again tonight?
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