-I would ruin
The word arruinaría is the conditional form of arruinar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full arruinar conjugation


Porque me arruinaría por acá, sabes eso.
Because it would ruin me around here, you know that.
Si te dijera todo ahora, arruinaría la aventura.
By telling you everything now, it would spoil the adventure.
Con un poco de suerte, se le arruinaría la vida para siempre.
With a bit of luck, his life was ruined forever.
Pensé que ella lo arruinaría todo si Daniel se acercaba demasiado.
I thought she would ruin everything if Daniel got too close.
¡Te dije que él no arruinaría totalmente tu vida!
I told you he wouldn't totally ruin your life!
Pero no se lo digas a nadie, arruinaría mi imagen.
Don't tell anybody though, 'cause it'll ruin my image.
Si te lo dijera, arruinaría la sorpresa.
If I told you, it would ruin the surprise.
Eso arruinaría todo por lo que hemos trabajado.
That would ruin all that we have worked for.
Sí, pero no lo cuente por ahí, arruinaría mi reputación.
Yeah. Just don't spread it around. It might ruin my rep.
Si te lo dijera, arruinaría la sorpresa.
If I told you, it would ruin the surprise.
¿Quién eres tú para saber lo que me arruinaría?
Who are you to know what it would take to beggar me?
La noticia te arruinaría a ti tanto como a mí.
The news would ruin you just as much as it would me.
Corrigan me dijo que eso arruinaría a mi padre.
Corrigan said that my father would be ruined.
Me arruinaría la vida por ese chico.
I would just ruin my life to that boy.
Si me uno a ti arruinaría tu carrera.
If I joined you, it would ruin your career...
¿Quién dice que arruinaría su vida?
Who says it would ruin his life?
Un corcho defectuoso arruinaría la mejor botella.
Faulty cork will ruin even the best bottle.
¿Crees que le arruinaría la vida por una broma?
What, do you think she'd ruin his life because of a joke?
Si le dices, que arruinaría su vida.
If we tell him, we ruin his life.
Sabía que si te lo contaba arruinaría lo que teníamos.
I knew if I did, it would ruin what we had.
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