No te tomes ninguna libertad, porque si no te araño.
Don't try and take any liberties, I'll scratch you.
Quizás le arranque algo de pelo, pero yo no araño.
I might have pulled out some of her hair, but I don't scratch.
Y le dije a una araña:"Querido, araño, sal del baño".
A spider climbed in and I said to it, "Spider dear, get out of here".
El araño del gato se me había infectado.
The scratch from my cat had got infected.
Mr. Bigglesworth, estuve equivocada al pensar que te colabas en mi dormitorio cada noche para atacarme. Resulta que me araño mientras duermo.
Mr. Bigglesworth, I was wrong to think that you snuck into my room every night to attack me. It turns out that I scratch myself in my sleep.
Arañó su nombre en el suelo con las uñas.
She scratched her name on the floor with her fingernails.
Creo que Blaine me arañó porque le gusta mi música.
I think Blaine scratched me because he's into my music.
Entonces, si ese era tu papá, ¿por qué te arañó?
So if that was your dad, why did he scratch you?
Uno de ellos arañó a Abed y se metió debajo del sofá.
One of them scratched Abed and ran under the couch.
No, solo me arañó por casualidad cuando se despertó.
No, he just scratched me by chance when he awoke.
Cuando derrumbamos el portal, uno de los Observadores me arañó.
When we collapsed the corridor, one of the Observers nicked me.
Uno de ellos arañó a Abed y se metió debajo del sofá.
One of them scratched Abed and ran under the couch.
Me arañó y se subió corriendo a un árbol.
She scratched me and then ran up a tree.
Solo se le arañó para salvar su vida.
You only scratched him to save his life.
Si me arañó con un diente, voy a...
So, if he scratched me with a tooth, am I...
Ella lo arañó, y él se limpió el rostro con el pañuelo.
She clawed him, and he wiped his face with his handkerchief.
Mike te arañó cuando lo empujaste por la borda, ¿verdad?
Mike scratched you when you pushed him off the ledge, didn't he?
Arañó al Onisu con sus manos; sus ataques no hicieron nada.
She clawed at the Onisu with bare hands; her attacks did nothing.
Tal vez él la arañó durante la lucha.
Maybe he scratched her during the struggle.
Sí, pues ni siquiera arañó la superficie, ¿sí?
Yeah, well, you didn't even scratch the surface, okay?
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