-we will have lunch
The word almorzaremos is the future form of almorzar in the first person plural.
See the full almorzar conjugation


No olvides que almorzaremos con el Coronel mañana.
Don't forget we're having lunch at the Colonel's tomorrow.
Ahora que el asunto está decidido, almorzaremos.
Now that that matter is settled, we'll have lunch.
Bueno, Lance y yo almorzaremos la semana que viene en el club.
Anyway, Lance and I are having lunch next week at the club.
Olvidé decirte que mañana almorzaremos con mi mamá.
I forgot to tell you, we're having lunch with my mom tomorrow.
La acompañaré a su cita. Luego almorzaremos en mi club.
I will accompany you to your appointment, and then we'll lunch at my club.
Ven, almorzaremos en mi casa subterránea.
Come, we'll have lunch, in my underground house.
Sí, habrá juegos y almorzaremos.
Yeah, there'll be games and we'll have lunch.
Bueno, almorzaremos con mis hermanas.
Well, we're having brunch with my sisters.
Te dejaré en el hotel y almorzaremos juntos.
I'll drop you at the hotel and you join us for lunch.
Hay tiempo para mirarlo, señor entonces almorzaremos en el restaurante francés.
There's time to see it, sir, then we'll have brunch at the French Restaurant.
Nos veremos pronto y almorzaremos juntos.
We'll get together soon and we'll have lunch.
Te enseñaré las secciones, y después almorzaremos juntos.
Let me show you a few other areas, and we'll have lunch later.
Mañana almorzaremos juntos, no lo olvides.
We'll have lunch tomorrow, don't forget.
Entonces, la próxima vez almorzaremos.
Then, next time it'll be lunch. Yes.
Tenemos que ir con ellos enseguida. Luego almorzaremos todos juntos.
We will eat lunch together, we called a taxi.
Volveré y almorzaremos juntos.
I'll come back and we'll lunch together.
Te veré luego, almorzaremos.
I'll see you later, we'll have lunch.
Cuando regrese, almorzaremos juntos.
When I get back, we'll have lunch.
De acuerdo. Entonces almorzaremos juntos, ¿sí?
Okay, then we'll do lunch, okay?
Nos encontraremos ahí y almorzaremos.
Yeah. I'll meet you there. We'll have lunch.
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