-you warned
The word advertiste is the preterite form of advertir in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Ahora sé por qué me advertiste contra mi hermano.
Now I know why you warned me against my brother.
Supe que advertiste a Seth que se alejara de mí.
I heard you warned Seth to stay away from me.
De acuerdo, ¿recuerdas cuando me advertiste sobre los chicos malos?
Okay, remember when you warned me about bad guys?
Le advertiste, Mario, pero no se podía ayudar a sí mismo.
You warned him, Mario, but he couldn't help himself.
Bueno, ¿por qué no de teléfono y nos advertiste?
Well, why didn't you telephone and warn us?
¿Por qué no me advertiste que vendría alguien a evaluarme?
Why didn't you warn me someone was coming to evaluate me?
¿Por qué no me advertiste que era tu mujer?
Why didn't you tell me she was your wife?
Tú me advertiste sobre ésto, y no te presté atención.
Now, you warned me about this, and I didn't listen.
Ahora entiendo porque me advertiste acerca de él.
Now I understand why you warned me about him.
Me advertiste de no decir nada si es que era pequeño, Oscar.
You warned me not to say anything if it was tiny, Oscar.
Si debía ser una sorpresa, ¿por qué no lo advertiste?
If it was supposed to be a surprise, why didn't you say anything?
Victoria, si vas a decir que ya me lo advertiste,
Victoria, if you're going to say you warned me, please...
El punto es que nos advertiste sobre Ian y no te escuchamos.
The point is, you warned us about Ian and we didn't listen.
Si lo sabías, ¿por qué no le advertiste?
If you knew, why didn't you head her off?
Apuesto a que les advertiste, pero nunca escuchan.
I bet you've warned them, but they never listen.
Si ves tantas cosas en tus llamas, ¿por qué no me advertiste?
If you see so much in your flames, why didn't you warn me?
¿Por qué no me advertiste que venía?
Why didn't you warn me it was coming?
Debería haberte escuchado cuando me advertiste sobre Brie.
I should have listened to you when you warned me about Brie.
Me advertiste en la estación que no tenías el estómago para esto.
You warned me at the station that you hadn't the stomach for it.
¿Por qué no advertiste a esos señores de que equivocaban el blanco?
Why didn't you warn them that they missed their target?
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