-I warned
The word advertí is the preterite form of advertir in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Si él viene aquí, incluso después de Le advertí ayer.
Whether he comes here even after I warned him yesterday.
Le advertí de mantener sus manos fuera de los estudiantes.
I warned him to keep his hands off the students.
Yo le advertí, pero aún así él vino hacia mí.
I warned him, but still he came towards me.
Y Rusty, ya te advertí la última vez sobre morder.
And Rusty, I warned you last time about the biting.
Te advertí que esta cosa no iba simplemente a desaparecer.
I warned you this thing wasn't just gonna go away.
Te advertí de qué ocurriría si provocabas al tigre.
Warned you what would happen if you poked the tiger.
Le advertí, pero él siempre decía que era un animal.
I warned him, but he kept saying he was an animal.
Te advertí que no mezclaras los negocios con el placer.
I warned you not to mix business with pleasure.
¿También te dijo que le advertí en contra de ello?
Did he also tell you I warned him against it?
Te lo advertí lo que sucedería si desobedecido, Emma.
I warned you what would happen if you disobeyed, Emma.
Te advertí que te quedaras fuera de mi vista.
I warned you to stay out of my sight.
Te advertí que esa clase de sangrado comenzaría con el tiempo.
I warned you that kind of bleeding would start eventually.
Vi a Ansgar venir, pero no le advertí del peligro.
I saw Ansgar coming, but did not warn him.
Manténgase alejado de la gasolinera, Yo te lo advertí.
Stay away from the gas station, I warn you.
Te advertí que este lugar no será diferente.
I warned you this place would not be any different.
Pero esto es exactamente lo que le advertí.
But this is exactly what I warned him about.
Te advertí de que debías dejar las cosas como estaban.
I warned you to leave things as they were.
Oh, muy bien, pero no digas que no te lo advertí.
Oh, very well, but don't say I didn't warn you.
Te advertí que esto no iba simplemente a desaparecer.
I warned you this thing wasn't just gonna go away.
Os advertí a los dos que aún no estabas preparada.
I warned the two that you were not ready.
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