Vicio de ti? meaning?

Vicio de ti? meaning?


[color=blue][/color]and im curious...isnt latin close to spanish...im new to the group and im just starting to learn spanish...know some basics but not enough yet. and another question...selena (the singer) was mexican and her songs in spanish...so why does the music go into latin. I noticed that i couldnt find the meaning for this but another song from the same artist was found easily. I also know that de is of and if i am correct ti also falls under the category of tu, meaning you.correct?

ny help greatly apprectiated.

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Vicio de Ti

Creo que es como decir que "You're my vice" en inglés.
Pero no estoy completamente seguro.

Spanish came from "Vulgur Latin". I think that at one point Spanish was considered an 'informally spoken' version of Latin.

Spanish & Italian are the most obvious Latin languages.

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