Alicia is in a difficult situation/Alicia está en un situacion muy dificil


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I have attempted to translate the following English passage into Spanish:


Alicia is in a difficult situation. Her daugter is adopted and Alicia is a mother who has much love for her daughter, but there are other people who have the same pain of love. In this situation I have a solution.

I belive that the best solution is a legal solution. There is no anger between the two women, but there is no just method that decides the best solution for all the people who are in this problem.

there is another solution if you do do not consider the feelings of the grandmother. The best solution is that you do not pay attention to the woman, or move to another neighborhood, school, village, or counry.

If you have a lot of feelings it is very difficult to make a descision in this situation but I believe that the best descisions are selfish descisions. I would do many things for the protection and security of my daughter. First I would not pay attention to the grandmother, and then I would move to another Spanish speaking couutry. I would do a lot so that my daughter forgets the events of the past and the memories of the destruction of her previous family.

Many people think that this is a selfsih descision, but I believe that it is good for two people, Alicia and her daughter.

I believe that when there is a diffucult descision for you it is best to think for your family and what is best for them. In this situation it is better for the girl to have only one mother.
Alicia es en un situacion muy dificil. Su nina es adoptiva y Alicia es una madre que tiene mucho querido para su nina, pero hay otros personas que tienen la misma dolor de la querida. Si en este situacion, yo tengo algo soluciones.

Yo creo que el solucion mejor es un solucion legal. No hay ira entre los dos mujeres pero no hay un metodo justo que dicido que es la solucion mejor para todos los personas que son en este problema.

Hay un otro solucion si no tiene sentimientos por la abuela. La solucion mejor es que no presto atencion a la mujer, o un otro opcion es que translador a un otro bario, escuela, pueblo, o un pais.

Si tiene muchas sentimientos es muy dificil que hacer en este situacion, pero yo creo que las desciciones mejores son los desciciones egoistas.

Yo hizo muchos cosas para la protecion y la seguridad de mi nina. Primero yo no presto attencion a la abuela, y despues yo translado a un otro pais hispanohablante. Yo fue mucho para que la nina olvido todos los eventos de la pasado, y las memorias de la destrucion de la primera familia. Muchos personas parece que es un descicion egoista pero yo creo es bien para dos personas, Alicia y su nina.

Yo creo que cuando hay un decision dificl para ti es mas bueno que pensar por su familia y que es mejor para ellos. En este situacion es mejor que la nina tiene solamente un madre.

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I'm sorry, I looked at this for a while, but the story jumps around like a kangaroo.
Both versions are perplexing'where did you get this from? I know it has been posted for some time now, and you might not need a translation any longer. But if you still do, please try to come up with a more understandable English translation. downer

updated ABR 23, 2009
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