"I hope you like this forum"


Hola a todos.

When I was writing something, I was not able to figure out how to write "I hope you like this forum" in Spanish.

What I wrote was - "Espero te gustélo el foro".

However, I feel like there is something missing and does not look or sound correctly either.

Por favor alguien puede ayudarme.

Gracias de antemano,


updated ENE 6, 2009
posted by Marco-T

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Espero que te guste lo el foro

Of course, I am assuming that "you" refers to one person, and not to several (otherwise it would be "os"). I need to mention this next time some English speaker asks me how do you know who is the subject if you omit the subject pronoun in Spanish: how do you know if it is a singular or a plural "you"?

That "que" is found omitted a few times with certain verbs when speakers try to sound sophisticated, but it is not frequent, and grammars recommend not to, in any case. "Gustar" is intransitive, so it doesn't admit "lo":

"I hope that to you is pleasing the forum"

updated ENE 6, 2009
posted by lazarus1907