necisito ayuda pronto porfa por mi tareaa!!! :)<33

necisito ayuda pronto porfa por mi tareaa!!! :)<33


Hola a todosss!!! smile
ok necisito ayuda con mi tarea.
la pregunta es:
" escriba una carta a una amiga que vive en Lima. en la que usted describe una fiest local que se celebra en su cuidad. piense en estas coasa"
-cuando se celebra
-como se celebra
- por quien(es) organizasa la celebracion
& more relfexives.

pleas help that would be so AWESOMEE!!
need for manana! :]

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En español, ayuda significa "añadir tus esfuerzos a los de otros que están haciendo todo lo posible para conseguir algo". Si hacemos todo tu trabajo, no estamos ayudándote, sino haciéndolo por ti. Inténtalo tú primero, y entonces podremos ayudarte.

Even in English, you don't sit down to read the newspaper and shout to your wife: "Help me with the kids", but "Can you take care of the kids'". To help means to join someone on a quest, not to do all the work for this person.

Bottom line: we can not help you if you don't try.

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Your title does not fit the forum rules. The title is suppose to present the question and/or provide context.
Using generic statements like you did could get your discussion deleted.

That being said, what is your question? Did you wish the instructions translated? Did you want help with writing the letter? There is no . The instructions are either commands (note the imperative form of escribir=escriba) or delcarations.

Write a letter to a female friend that lives in Lima. In it describe a local fiesta that is celebrated in her/your city. (the su needs clarified...la ciudad de ella o la ciudad de Vd.
Consider these things:
when it is celebrated
how (cómo) it is celebrated
by whom the celebration was organized
(use refeixives)

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We do not do homework here. Your Spanish looks like you can to try it yourself. After which, I am sure someone will proof read it for you. As you only have until tomorrow, I suggest you get started immediately. I have also just checked your profile page which lists your Spanish level as advanced.

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posted by Eddy
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