? am trying to find some spanish words in english.


fratasado amasado revoco yeso revoco mortero inyección solados autonivelantes solado tradicional gunite chorreo transporte en seco

what is meaning of these spanish words in english

updated ABR 18, 2008
posted by Coskun

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updated ABR 18, 2008
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fratasado - Should this be fracasado - unsuccessful, failed
amasado - amassed, Kneaded, Mixed, prepared
revoco - (first person singular) from the verb revocar, to revoke or to plaster a wall
yeso - plaster, gypsum
revoco - already answered above
mortero - mortar
inyección - injection
solados - from the verb solar, to floor. to tile (plural past participle)
autonivelantes - cannot find this word
solado - from the solar, see above.
tradicional - traditional
gunite - cannot find this word
chorreo - from the verb to drip, to pour or gush out (first person singular)
transporte - transport
en - in or on
seco - dry, thin, lean, curt, brusque, sharpe
If the last two are one word then
en seco - abruptly, suddenly,

updated ABR 18, 2008
posted by Eddy