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English Word of The Day: Midnight


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"My mother-in-law turns into the Medusa at midnight."

"Mi suegra se convierte en la Medusa a la medianoche."

alt text

updated May 4, 2011
posted by 0043ad50
In my experience, I have never heard people refer to someone or something as "The Medusa", rather as "Medusa". I am not saying it is correct, but I am referring to what I commonly have heard. - Nathaniel, Apr 28, 2011
Well that's scary Marshall! - 00b6f46c, Apr 28, 2011
You are right Nathaniel. - 0043ad50, Apr 28, 2011
You could say "...se convierte en Medusa..." or "...se convierte en una gorgona..." (Gorgon...the type of creature Medusa and her sisters, Stheno and Euryale were) - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011

17 Answers


Medianoche en Noruega.

Midnight in Norway

updated May 4, 2011
edited by pacofinkler
posted by pacofinkler
So beautiful! - 00b6f46c, Apr 28, 2011
"...Noruega". - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011
I should visit this country :) - Fidalgo, Apr 29, 2011
Fab , photo Paco , love it . - ray76, Apr 29, 2011
Wow! - sanlee, Apr 30, 2011

Midnight is scary and ugly sometimes, but it's a start for a very beautiful thing, a new day..smile alt text

La medianoche es aterradora y fea a veces, pero es el comienzo de algo muy hermoso, un nuevo día... alt text

updated May 7, 2011
edited by 00b6f46c
posted by 00b6f46c
No "the" in front of midnight in English lovely. - amykay, Apr 28, 2011
"...pero es el comienzo..." - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011
Excellent images and ideas :-) - Fidalgo, Apr 29, 2011
Thank you amigos :) - 00b6f46c, Apr 29, 2011

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.

A partir de hoy, trata a todas las personas que conozcas como si fueran a estar muertas antes de la medianoche. Dales toda la atención, amabilidad y comprensión que puedas mostrar, y hazlo sin pensar en ninguna recompensa. Tu vida nunca será la misma.

Og Mandino

updated Apr 30, 2011
posted by --Jen--
You have a good heart nametaken - 0043ad50, Apr 28, 2011

Nunca me acuesto antes de medianoche.

I never go to bed before midnight.

alt text

updated Apr 30, 2011
posted by sanlee
You must stay up until 3am sandy. You have more energy than the Sun. Ha ha - 0043ad50, Apr 28, 2011
Igualmente ;) - EL_MAG0, Apr 30, 2011

La medianoche para uno hombre, es el mediodía para otro. El mundo es extraño.

Midnight for one man is noon for another . The world is strange.

alt text

updated Apr 29, 2011
edited by ray76
posted by ray76
"La medianoche de/para un hombre es el mediodía de/para otro". - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011
Is that same as "grey hair?" .....A new ray idiom - 0043ad50, Apr 28, 2011
I have 'rethunked" and redone it all Thommo, see if this fits better. Thank you for being patient with me . - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
El pelo es negro, rojo marrón, blanco cualquier color. No me importa, excepto que cubre la cabeza. - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
Thank you Marshall , the above comment is true , because as you know we have a very strong sun here and getting burned on a bald pate is sheer torture . - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
Thinning hair and thinning Ozone are disasters for the folicularly challenged. - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
That's for sure - sanlee, Apr 28, 2011
Your husband is he in the thinning stakes also Sanlee. - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
I'm glad that we're in the same region, Ray :) - Fidalgo, Apr 29, 2011
I would not trade it for the crown jewels mate , I feel blessed and very happy to be where we are near the Equator. - ray76, Apr 29, 2011

Ten cuidado cuando andes después de la medianoche. Hay brujas en el bosque.

Be careful walking after midnight. There are witches in the forest. alt text

updated Apr 29, 2011
edited by dc-alien-z
posted by dc-alien-z
Hay osos también. :) - 0066c384, Apr 28, 2011
Yes there are. They are waking up here, and looking for food. I see them in my yard sometimes. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011
Really?? You see bears in your backyard?? - 00b6f46c, Apr 28, 2011
Yes lovely, but no pretty witches. We were just given a warning that they would tear up trashcans because their hibernation is over. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011
I live in the Mackinac Forest in Northern Michigan. Just north of the 45th parallel. More animals than people in the wild. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011
"Ten cuidado con andar/cuando andes/al andar/si andas..." - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011
Thanks Tom. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011
you have witches in your forest? - fluffykitten77, Apr 28, 2011
Only when I pick the wrong mushrooms for my salad Fluffykitten. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011
Great photo Dave , good job mate. - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
Thanks Ray. Oddly enough when I found it I thought you would like it. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011
Another excellent one :) - Fidalgo, Apr 29, 2011
Thanks Fidalgo. - dc-alien-z, Apr 29, 2011

Cenicienta tuvo que volver a su casa antes de medianoche ya que el hechizo iba a pasarse.

Cinderella had to return home before midnight as the spell was going to wear off.

updated Apr 30, 2011
posted by dewclaw
:) - FELIZ77, Apr 28, 2011
"...que el hechizo iba a desvanecerse". - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011

Don't forget to carry garlic with you, because the vampires may come for you at midnight.

No olvides llevar ajo contigo, porque los vampiros pueden venir por tí a la medianoche.snake

alt text

updated Apr 29, 2011
edited by tevbekar
posted by tevbekar
jaja, great comic! - amykay, Apr 28, 2011
"No olvides llevar ajo contigo, porque los vampiros pueden venir por tí a la medianoche". - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011
Gracias. - tevbekar, Apr 29, 2011

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a wonderful book about New Orleans society.

Medianoche en el jardin del bien y el mal es un libro maravilloso sobre la sociedad de Nuevo Orleans.

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil Pictures, Images and Photos

updated Apr 29, 2011
edited by Leatha
posted by Leatha
That is my favourite film , i have to give you a vote for that, I just loved it , one of the few films I was able to view more than once. - ray76, Apr 28, 2011
" 'Medianoche en el jardín del bien y el mal' es un libro maravilloso sobre la sociedad de Nueva Orleans". - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011
Gracias, Ray y Tom. - Leatha, Apr 28, 2011

Dos salen a la medianoche. Solo uno vuelve al amanecer.

Two leave at midnight. Only one returns at dawn.

updated Apr 28, 2011
edited by GuitarWarrior
posted by GuitarWarrior
Ominous. - 0043ad50, Apr 28, 2011

¿Recuerda el especial de la medianoche?

Do you remember The Midnight Special?

updated Apr 28, 2011
edited by 008f2974
posted by 008f2974
Oh, yes.... - sanlee, Apr 28, 2011
Wow! That really brings back memories. - 0043ad50, Apr 28, 2011
"...'Especial de medianoche'? " - 002067fe, Apr 28, 2011

La tormenta llegó antes de medianoche.

The storm came before midnight.

updated Apr 28, 2011
posted by 0066c384
Still waiting to hear from my family north of Decatur. - dc-alien-z, Apr 28, 2011

At midnight she woke up and saw that there was a ghost in the garden.

Ella se despertó a medianoche y vio que había un fantasma en el jardín.

updated Apr 30, 2011
edited by Fidalgo
posted by Fidalgo
" Ella se despertó a medianoche..." - 002067fe, Apr 29, 2011
Thank you, Tom Burgos :) - Fidalgo, Apr 29, 2011

I waited until midnight to post an answer.

Esperé hasta medianoche para enviar una respuesta.

alt text

updated Apr 30, 2011
edited by EL_MAG0
posted by EL_MAG0
Is it proper on SD to allow a common misspelling of "midnight" ? - pesta, Apr 29, 2011
Actually, it is not a misspelling but a variant spelling. It can be found in dictionaries. However,I will edit my answer. Thank you pesta ;) - EL_MAG0, Apr 29, 2011
Hi, A & P ! - sanlee, Apr 30, 2011
Hola amiga :) - EL_MAG0, Apr 30, 2011

Los manojos de periódicos no llegan a la medianoche. ¡Vienen 12:30-1:00 de la mañana!

The newspaper bundles do not arrive at midnight. They come between 12:30 and 1:00 in the morning!

Edit:"Vienen a eso de las 12:30-1:00 de..."

alt text

updated Apr 30, 2011
edited by bandit51jd
posted by bandit51jd
"Vienen a eso de las 12:30-1:00 de..." - 002067fe, Apr 29, 2011
Buen frase ;) - EL_MAG0, Apr 30, 2011
Gracias, Amor! - bandit51jd, Apr 30, 2011
Eso, can be used for "about"? cool and I didn't know Spanish could use a range with hyphen. Also, cool! Gracias, Tom - bandit51jd, Apr 30, 2011
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