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on the brink of losing a spanish friend


Just because I'm hard up speaking and undestanding Spanish language, I could possibly lose my friend. Give me some basic words or phrases we usually use in Spanish. Plus- please teach me some busy words like- what, when, how, who, etc...tnx a lot!!! I'll wait for you guys. Muchas gracias

updated OCT 8, 2009
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posted by jhung
You seem hard up writing the English language, too... - Stobber, OCT 8, 2009
Amen, Stobber. - Seitheach, OCT 8, 2009
Please note that it is mandatory on this forum to use correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization in your posts. - Issabela, OCT 8, 2009
Flagged by Moe. Looking at the questioner's name, ask if English is the writers mother tongue. I think we need to practice some tolerance. - Moe, OCT 8, 2009

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Well, considering this is a thread opened in April....I think the friendship went down the drain! wink

updated OCT 8, 2009
posted by 00494d19
jejeje. Vi eso también. - Goyo, OCT 8, 2009
lol :D - Issabela, OCT 8, 2009

The best thing you can do is spend some time going through the lessons on here.

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posted by Seitheach
Too hard, I guess. - Issabela, OCT 8, 2009
I guess so. - Seitheach, OCT 8, 2009

Tell me the kind of phrases you would like to know. What - que when - cuando how - como who - quien

updated OCT 8, 2009
posted by Rey_Mysterio
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