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'Patti mi telefono me lo robaro pero tengo el chi .....


''Patti mi telefono me lo robaro pero tengo el chi no piense que te es holvidado te llebo en mi corazon besos te quiero mucho'', so from what I understand you take the "h" away from holvidado, no idea about "chi" or "llebo". So I think he saying that he's lost without his phone but don't worry I'm still in his heart ??? Thanks for helping.

updated JUL 19, 2010
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posted by Patricial

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I think that he is trying to tell you that his phone was stolen. (robaron) No idea about "chi".

llebo=llevo and you are correct: he is saying that doesn't want you to think that he has forgotten you and that you are still in his heart . Kisses. He loves you dearly.

Heidita explains about the phone chip (simm or memory card??)

updated JUL 19, 2010
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posted by 0074b507
thank you, he always gets the "v" and "b" mixed up. - Patricial, JUL 19, 2010
yes, memory card, jeje, it is often pronounced shi...here i n spain too, no p, very funny to see it written though - 00494d19, JUL 19, 2010
(Funny) kisses, he loves you dearly, I can hear that being said.... - margaretbl, JUL 19, 2010

Patricia, welcome, "chi"...that is so funny, he means chip

updated JUL 19, 2010
posted by 00494d19
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