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What is the proper way to say rock sculptor in Spanish?


Escultor de piedra?

updated JUL 18, 2010
posted by wendo1980

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Escultor en piedra. May also be: tallador en piedra.

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posted by Gekkosan

Are we talking here of a sculptor or a stone mason?

A sculptor = Escultor en piedra. (an artist who cuts stone to make a work of art)

but, a stone mason ( a skilled stone cutter who cuts stone for constructing buildings)...

= un picapedrero (artesano) stone mason, stone cutter

Please note: While it might seem a minor distinction to make between a sculptor and a Stone mason the fact that two different words are used in Spanish to reflect the two separate occupations justify in my view the need to draw attention to the difference/s

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posted by FELIZ77
Good point,feliz - sanlee, JUL 18, 2010

I didn't know the answer to the question in bold and was going to make 2 suggestions.

But I see you already have done both in your own proposed translation!

I think it is more common to say stone sculptor (and you have piedra) and that you might consider that one who sculpts in any medium is going to be a scultptor so you would probably be safe with sculptor of stone.

And if you are not in a big hurry, someone may have a more useful answer.

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posted by LateToDinner
Or you might get an answer while I'm still typing! - LateToDinner, JUL 18, 2010

Desde mi modo de ver:

"escultura de roca" ? "estatua"

updated JUL 18, 2010
posted by JorgeViento
"Escultor"; Jorge. Está preguntando por el artista, no el resultado. :-) - Gekkosan, JUL 18, 2010
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