HomeQ&ACan anyone come up for another word for "muñeca" as in wrist?

Can anyone come up for another word for "muñeca" as in wrist?


the word "muñeca as in "wrist" does not fit in my cousins poem- it needs more syllables. I looked in my dictionaryand in "word referenece" and came up with nothing.


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posted by viajero

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Articulación de la muñeca. To be honest are you just looking for another word, or another word meaning wrist, because I don´t think there is one.

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posted by Eddy

You might consider some of the following (although I can't see these sounding very poetic)

el carpo - carpus or wrist (conjunction of 8 wrist bones)

la articulación radiocarpiana - point where the radius meets (articulates with) the carpal bones, i.e. place where the wrist begins.

la articulación cubitocarpiana - point where the ulna meets (articulates with the carpal bones.

apófisis estiloides - bony projections of the radius and ulna at their distal ends where they articulate with the carpal bones. These form the two large bumps where the wrist begins that many people think about when considering the wrist

apófisis estiloides del radio - small bony projection of the radius located proximal to the thumb.

apófisis estiloides del cúbito - large bony projection of the ulna which forms the prominent bump at the end of your forearm which many people associate with the wrist

los huesos carpianos - bones of the wrist

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Augh! Anathomical poetry, yay! Gray would be proud! :-p The short of it, though, is that I think we all agree that there's no common, one-word alternative to "muñeca", right? - Gekkosan, JUL 17, 2010
I am going to make a poem using all these medical terms. If, I can do it,it would be extremely funny. - viajero, JUL 18, 2010

Muñeca = doll as well as wrist.

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posted by kenwilliams
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