what is a parcel of land (similar to an acre) called in Spaish?

what is a parcel of land (similar to an acre) called in Spaish?


Me and a friend were talking about property in Mexico. He told me an acre is not an acre there. He said a parcel of land was larger than an acre, but could not remeber the word for a single parcel (acre) of land was called. hope that helps. thanks

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Equivalencias en el Sistema Internacional (SI)

Una hectárea equivale a:

* mm²
* 100.000.000 cm²
* 1.000.000 dm²
* 10.000 m²
* 100 dam² o áreas
* 1 hm²
* 0,01 km²

Equivalencias en otras unidades Sistema anglosajón

* 0,003861020 millas cuadradas
* 2,4710538146717 acres internacionales
* 2,4710439 acres estadounidenses
* 107.640 pies cuadrados


* 0,590 cuadras rurales (en Argentina)
* 10 dunams métricos
* 13,9824939176151 hanegas (Antigua corona de Aragón)
* 2 campos de fútbol


Fuente: Wikipedia

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approx 2 and a half acres - margaretbl, JUL 16, 2010
You are too quick for me :) - Izanoni1, JUL 16, 2010
Hola Iza, it'sthat I have trouble with hectares (we use them in Can.) and I am always wondering what the heck is that in acres.... - margaretbl, JUL 16, 2010

I prefer acres to hectares but I must use hectares since our country changed over to metric. I have heard the term parcel of land but took it to mean any amount of land, not a certain measurement. I have 880 acres of land which I consider my parcel of land.

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parcela or solar??

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Maybe en hectáreas (in hectares). One hectare is a little bit less than two and a half acres.

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