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How do you say to point one's toes (for gymnastics)?


I am a gymnastics teacher dealing with the need to be able to translate gymnastics vocabulary into Spanish for some students who will be returning to Spain in a few weeks. Their instructor there has no English; therefore, they cannot communicate with her. I need several things translated for me. Thanks.

I need: "back handspring" "back walkover" "parallel bars" "to point one's toes" "to tumble" "to mount" (the equipment) "the mount" (noun) "the dismount" (noun)

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"Señale sus dedos del pie" means "point your toes with your hands". The correct them would be "Estira tus pies", "estira tus dedos" or more colloquially "pon tus dedos en punta".

Back handspring: "Marometa/Voltereta hacia atrás (con las manos)"

Back walkover: "Vuelta hacia atrás" It's the same thing, you just have to say it's on leg after the other, slowly. (Primero una pierna y luego la otra lentamente)

Parallel bars: "Barras paralelas"

To tumble: "caer", "tropezarse", "perder equilibrio"

To mount: "montar" (Móntate, móntese)

The mount: (I don't know, since I don't know really what it is and if I knew, I'd probably wouldn't know how to even say it Spanish. :c )

The dismount: "el aterrizaje"

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I believe it would be

estira tus pies (following correction)

The imperative mood is used for commands so I have put anything resembling a command into the imperative for you

I hope the following would also help:

Parallel bars = barras paralelas

To tumble (roll, turn) > dar volteretas

handspring = voltereta contrario

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You may find this link helpful smile

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