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This is a Non-Commercial site, free of charge for any member


Ian hill said:

This is now a commercial site.

This came up on another thread and I just wanted to insist on the fact that this site is a non-commercial site, free of charge for any member(even for non members) to participate on the forum and take advantage of all the items on the site.

You are free to use:

Learn Spanish or English (videos and learning material)

Flashcards (of your own creation or created by other members)

Forum with 6 categories, out of which proofreading and cultural discussions only exist on this site, as far I know

Phrasebook, lots of idiomatic sentences with translations.

Reference articles

Dictionary and Translator

All of the mentioned are free of charge for any member.

This is however a business, not some kind of altruistic enterprise, so the site uses advertisements to make money. All those lessons made by the teacher Paralee not only show a lot of work, but they cost a lot of money, so to assume this site exists on "air" is obviously mistakenwink

A commercial site probably does not use so many ads, I really don't know, but they certainly charge members to use their functions.

The amount of ads you see diminish as soon as you get higher reputation.

This is a free site and has always been.

updated JUL 12, 2010
posted by 00494d19
Sorry you had to put this much effort into this, H. It is a simple vocabulary problem ... I don't think he is arguing the value of the site, only the one word: if ads are accepted, it is commercial. - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
Exactly - Thank you L T D - ian-hill, JUL 11, 2010
Hear! hear! - Nise, JUL 11, 2010
Un placer. - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
hey, Ian, but then I have no idea what you are talking about, as ads have always been on this site...A L W A Y S! - 00494d19, JUL 11, 2010
So what ? Did I say they weren't? SD is a commercial site. I don't see why you are uptight about me saying so. - ian-hill, JUL 11, 2010
Gosh, I heard someone say 'when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!' ... Ian! I pointed out to our little world that you are right ... and that she is going to win! Allow me one more: "Discretion is the better part of valor (for you ...valour)" ... - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
...You have no wounds to lick, walk tall, live long and prosper! - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010

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Why are we having this discussion? Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!

If you speak English, you know Heidita used the term incorrectly but you know what she meant!

Or am I the only one that had their membership fee waived?

For Pete's sake, guys, if you want to beat something into the ground, go try to cleanup the bitter rantings that accompany some of the posts on Youtube and remember the direction that most of us wanted here, a learning environment that cost us no more than our participation and our willingness to put up with a few rules from those in whose house we play.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by LateToDinner
I was wondering the very same thing... Why are we having this discussion???? Thanks for speaking my mind Late!!! Nothing's changed... This was, is and will be a great site!! - Benz, JUL 11, 2010
Bizarre, no? - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
:) - Rikko, JUL 11, 2010
creo que ya hay que terminar con todo esto. turn the page please - margaretbl, JUL 11, 2010
exactamente, what ever mente means. Thank you, Margaret! - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010

It is truly amazing how much is available here for free. When I first "accidentally" found this site and them became a member, I kept waiting to be presented with the pitch to upgrade my access to better information for a "small" monthly fee. Much to my surprise and delight, those offers never appeared.

After being involved in the forum for several months, it became apparent that this is truly a labor of love from the administrators on down. It was inspiring to see so many people willing to share their knowledge of the Spanish language (in their spare time wink ) and everything was, as the many commercials on Telemundo announce "absolutamente gratis. smile

Even those who are new to the language are willing to share things that work for them, encouragement, helpful books and sites.

As with anything else, whenever you have a large group of people working together, there will be problems. In our case, we have people from all over the world. There are bound to be disagreements and misunderstandings. However, for the most part, I think things work amazingly well on this site and I for one, am very thankful!!!!

updated JUL 11, 2010
edited by Nicole-B
posted by Nicole-B
thank you nicole, as always too kind:) - 00494d19, JUL 11, 2010

My dearest Heidita, as long as money exchanges hands, commerce exists. The site may be free to members, but the fact that companies pay to advertise here creates a commercial enterprise.

Perhaps Ian should have used a different phrase. I haven't seen his post, but the phrase alone doesn't explain what he means.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by 005faa61
I agree. It is a for-profit business, which happens to offer free services to its members, like most services that Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail offer. It is commercial, publicity-driven enterprise, and its services are free to all Internet Users. - Gekkosan, JUL 11, 2010

It seems like many are passionate about what they are individually saying. With that being said, I need to throw my $.02 into the pot. Knowing Heidi, as well as many others through this site, I truly believe we knew what she meant. I'm with LateToDinner (can't say I've ever been "late" though) wink on this one! Come on plain and simple this is a great site and has many great features, teachers, and creatures on it!! smile As for the wording, the site is free for members because of the generosity of the many who put so much time into it including the companies who advertise here! From the admin to the teachers who are dedicated I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have taught me much and I know I have so much more to learn!!!

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by Jason7R
Wonderful comments Jason I wholeheartedly agree - FELIZ77, JUL 11, 2010
Thanks Feliz :) - Jason7R, JUL 11, 2010

as long as money exchanges hands, commerce exists.

This is of course true, but this site has always existed on ads, so does Wordreference for example.

We refer to a "commercial site" (links to those are not allowed on this site) as sites where the members a charged a membership.

That is why we claim this to be a non commercial site. Maybe I shoud add for members?

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by 00494d19
In this case, mi reina, I would suggest deleting "Non-commercial site" and just say, "Site free to members." Many of us are still catching up to IT terminology. - 005faa61, JUL 11, 2010
I, too, agree with Nicole. This IS a great site - 005faa61, JUL 11, 2010
JC's needs a little fine tuning but he is on the right track. - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010

I am amazed at the quality and quantity of Spanish lessons and assistance we get here at Spandict. As Nicole mentioned, most other places offer these kinds of services for upgrade fees. This is really a very special place. I am so happy that I have found it. If I have to see a few adverts, it doesn't bother me. After all, this is costing me nothing. Thank you for having Spandict and for keeping it running smoothly.

updated JUL 11, 2010
edited by sanlee
posted by sanlee

I am also very thankful for this site! It is a wonderful opportunity!! And how many things outside the basic language itself we learn in the process, by following the threads, the members' Question/answers! It is personable, fun, and a great learning opportunity indeed!

I was going to say, "Soy muy gracioso", but having checked the spanish to english translation beforehand realized that I would be telling you that I am very funny, or very graceful, both of which are not necessarily true. So, let me instead just say, with hope that the machine translation led me well, muy agradecido ! And yes, I am very thankful for my teacher Paralee.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by Nise
buen dicho - margaretbl, JUL 11, 2010

But my credit card is being charged monthly for membership to this site?!?!?! LOL

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by cheeseisyummy
I meant to stop that before you found out, sorry. - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
i guess i shouldn't post my card number in threads here :) - cheeseisyummy, JUL 11, 2010
Oh, if you posted it, I am no longer taking any blame. - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
Si lo publicado, no estoy tomando ningĂșn tipo de culpa. - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010
Too funny!! - Jason7R, JUL 11, 2010
Oh okay you are joking ! lol hahaha - FELIZ77, JUL 11, 2010
Who says? - LateToDinner, JUL 11, 2010

Another thing to keep in mind is that Free is an abstract word.

In most countries you are free - until you stop paying your taxes.

When you watch TV, go online, listen to the radio, you don't pay for the service, but you must endure the adverts that support the stations and sites. Some will say this is free, but others will say that the few seconds of their time taken to disregard these adverts are a loss of their time - payment.

It's also a well-know fact that just a couple of seconds is all it takes to get someone to remember an advertised product - at least subliminally. And after a just a few repetitions of the same few seconds, the product is well remembered.

updated JUL 11, 2010
posted by 005faa61
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